St. Pete Hidden Gems: Dead Bob’s, a place for a good burger and cold beer

St. Pete Hidden Gems: Dead Bob’s, a place for a good burger and cold beer

Dead Bob’s is one of the best hidden restaurant gems in St. Petersburg — and it also serves up one of the best burgers in the state. Who doesn’t love a damn good burger and a cold beer?

The restaurant is known for its affordable menu, live music and late hours. Dead Bob’s stays open until 3am daily, so you can get your grub on all night.

double cheeseburger plated with fries
The Cheesy Bob | Photo via Dead Bob’s

Why the name “Dead Bob’s?” The owners met Bob at a hotel pool bar in Miami Beach years ago, according to the restaurant’s website. He was the life of the party. Someone with a giant personality and a bigger heart. 

Sadly, the website notes, Bob passed away some time ago. The restaurant is named in his honor, and it certainly maintains his lively spirit.

What do you need to order? Treat yourself to garlic parm pork wings and fried pickle chips. Honestly, this is the kind of place we go to specifically for the starters. The deep fried southern-style chicken livers are shockingly addictive. 

Craving a classic? The kitchen serves up a fried bologna sandwich just like mom used to make. Need a spicy kick? Try Mrs. Bob’s Snapper with jalapeno.

a cheeseburger and crispy golden fries on a plate
A past featured Burger of the Month at Dead Bob’s | Photo via Dead Bob’s

But it’s the classic you come back for. We’re talking about The Cheesy Bob. This burger is stacked and smothered in cheese. 

You can visit the restaurant at 6716 Central Avenue. Learn more by visiting its website.

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