St. Pete couple hosts socially distant wedding ceremony at Water Garden Inn

St. Pete couple hosts socially distant wedding ceremony at Water Garden Inn

Photo of a social distancing wedding at private inn in St. Pete

COVID-19 continues to impact how we relate to, and interact with one another. In St. Pete, one couple and their creative friends found a way to bring everyone together for a unique portrait.

Cardboard Cutouts for a Wedding Party

Mike and Denise Brassaw planned to have a celebration of their love amongst friends and family at one of the Sunshine City’s favorite venues. Unfortunately, the pandemic wouldn’t allow for that. So, friends of the couple got creative. The wedding party of Mike and Denise Brassaw used cardboard cutouts to frame the happy couple during their wedding ceremony at the historic Water Garden Inn.


When I spoke to Denise – Founder of the Beauty Bungalow –  she said that the cutouts of family members surprised her and her husband. Her college friends had been doing this forever and this time they came up clutch on one of her biggest days by bringing in pictures of all the people who were supposed to be in the original wedding day’s plans.

This kind of creativity might be a new normal for those looking to get married in a post-COVID-19 world. Denise told me that their ceremony was streamed live on Zoom for other family members to watch, and some family members even responded with reaction videos of them watching the ceremony from home.

A New Normal across the globe

It is becoming a tired expression, but the way we congregate is going to have to change. Denise impressed this upon me when we spoke about the wedding.

“We had to focus on the words, focus on our vows,” she told me over the phone. “We might not have done this before the virus,” she added.


For those attendees who did attend the live ceremony, Denise explained that wipes and gloves were a staple with guests sitting at well spaced-out two-top tables. “We need to rethink the way we do weddings,” she said.

Mike and Denise Brassaw’s wedding plans changed five times over the last few months, but nothing can take away such a memorable day. Congrats to them. Cheers.


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