St. Pete Art Battle is a block party and live art competition this Saturday

St. Pete Art Battle is a block party and live art competition this Saturday

Zulu's SHINE mural from 2016
Photo courtesy Zulu

The Burg’s first ever street artist showdown is coming to the gates of Grand Central this Saturday. The inaugural St. Pete Art Battle is a (friendly) live art competition among five teams of Tampa Bay’s most prolific artists, alongside a huge market of local creators and vendors, plus some of the Burg’s best food trucks.

It’s a lot happening at once, which is why the extravaganza of artists and makers is going for a full six hours. The St. Pete Art Battle will take place Saturday, September 24 from 12-6 pm underneath the overpass at the intersection of 18th Street and Central Avenue.

This celebration in the streets will feature dozens of local makers, artists, shops and vendors as part of the shaded outdoor block party. Participating food trucks include several of our local favorites, including the always-delicious Shiso Crispy, fantastic birria tacos from The Birria Bros, smash burgers from Slammer Shop, and massive seafood dishes from The Happy Snapper. There will also be a live DJ and live music.

As for the competition itself, the afternoon will feature art in action. Each team of two artists will be assigned a blank 8-ft-x-8-ft space on the walls and given three hours to paint, well, whatever they like. The designs are up to the artists, and the winning team will be selected by the audience to receive $500.

Participating teams are: Zulu and Derek Donnelly; Evolve and Hinson the Healer; Unknow Know It All and Oz Fua; War Artifex and Artist Esh; and Kind Minds Art performing solo.

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