Spice & Tea Exchange, a St. Augustine-based concept, taking over storefront at Sundial St. Pete

Spice & Tea Exchange, a St. Augustine-based concept, taking over storefront at Sundial St. Pete

Photo of assorted spices, infused honey, and candles

From St. Augustine to St. Petersburg, a brand new spice and tea shop is coming to The Mall at Sundial St. Pete. The Spice & Tea Exchange has acquired the space previously occupied by the Rowdies & Rays Team Store. OK, so here’s the tea.

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The St. Augustine based retailer is known for their wide range of spices and exotic teas, as well as olive oils, extracts and specialty gifts. The diverse selection of flavors is a feast and treat for all of your senses. The concept will officially open the weekend of August 14, according to a post on Instagram.

Sharing a passion for cooking since 2008

The Spice & Tea Exchange was founded in 2008 as a small shop within St. Augustine, created by
individuals with a passion for life and food. The concept’s well regarded and reviewed selection quickly earned it national notoriety.

Their debut in downtown St. Pete is a welcome addition to a burgeoning roster of shopping destinations for cooks and tea lover’s alike. The owners’ shared passions for cooking and
dining excellence pair well with the Sunshine City’s culinary scene.

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Taking over a prime spot at Sundial St. Pete

A few of their other locations include Palm Beach Gardens, Key West, Port Charlotte and

“This is one of the last prime spots left in Sundial, we are so happy to have such a great shop in
our center” added Bill Edwards, Owner of Sundial.

Lisa Coleman, Owner of The Spice & Tea Exchange stated that “the highlight of our store is that we make our own spice blends, we have a wide variety of spices, herbs, exotic loose teas, as well as salts and peppers from around the globe. It is our mission to provide a unique spice and tea shopping experience and to generate excitement by immersing our customers in rich and vivid sights and smells”

Sundial St. Pete, 153 2nd Avenue North

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