SPCA Tampa Bay announces no-fee adoption period for pocket pets

SPCA Tampa Bay announces no-fee adoption period for pocket pets

A rabbit and a guinea pig up for adoption at SPCA Tampa Bay

For the entire month of May, you could bring home Bubby the rabbit, Cinnamon the guinea pig, or even Claudia the turkey – all completely free. As part of their “May The Pocket Pets Be With You” promotion, SPCA Tampa Bay is waiving all adoption fees for pocket pets and livestock for the month of May, helping connect potential owners with the newest members of their family.

SPCA’s special pocket pet event is providing an opportunity for the less traditional pets in their care to find a forever home. The special applies to a wide range of adoptable pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, small birds, lizards, hamsters, pigs, ducks, and more.


“Pets can bring love to a family that lasts a lifetime,” the SPCA said in their announcement for the event. “SPCA Tampa Bay’s staff and volunteers can assist families in finding a pet that’s right for their family’s lifestyle. The adoption team focuses on matching families and pets for long-term success.”

Potential adopters can browse the list of available pets online, and their roster of adoptable dogs and cats can be viewed through their website, as well. Future owners are encouraged to arrive early and bring a carrier or housing that’s appropriate for their new pet. SPCA Tampa Bay’s adoption center is located at 9099 130th Ave N in Largo, and is open from 1-6 pm Wednesday-Friday and 12-6 pm Saturday and Sunday.

SPCA Tampa Bay welcomes all

Part of what makes supporting SPCA Tampa Bay so important is that they are Tampa Bay’s only For-All shelter, meaning they will take in any animal regardless of health, breed, age or other factors. As a result, the animal shelter in Largo is not only home to cats and dogs, but rabbits, mice, iguanas, birds, pigs, goats and much more. The center welcomes injured or ailing wild animals, as well, and treats them before returning them to the wild. On top of all that, the SPCA Veterinary Center in St. Pete provides stellar pet health care and services for dogs and cats.

Events like this help SPCA Tampa Bay find forever homes for livestock and pocket pets, allowing them to allocate resources to the care of other animals in need of medical support. Learn more at spcatampabay.org.


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