Slay All Day: Björkestra Brings BuffyFest to the Burg

Slay All Day: Björkestra Brings BuffyFest to the Burg

St. Pete is no stranger to unique, invigorating events. Shine Mural Fest consistently transforms our city into an open air art gallery; Pops in the Park brings iconic tunes to our waterfront parks; the Tweed Ride takes St. Pete back  to a more “dapper” time.

Superhero Bar Crawls, downtown snow flurries and even a Two-Headed Calf Festival have found their respective ways to the heart of the Sunshine City. Now, thanks in large part to the Florida Bjorkestra, media partner Creative Loafing, Et Cultura and The Body Electric, a 90s pop culture icon will be proverbially resurrected.


Welcome to the Sunnydale City

On September 23, St. Pete will become Sunnydale — the town depicted in Joss Whedon’s hit series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Be prepared to be immersed in full Buffydom mood, myth and experience when the entirety of the Palladium will be transformed by not only the 12 band members and 8 vocalists of the massively talented, all-star Florida Björkestra, but also visual and spoken word artists, stage and interior scenics, and other iconic elements from the show.

BuffyFest is an inspired multimedia event with musicians, artists, makers and cosplayers all cleverly rallying around the iconic Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme. Visitors are invited to channel and dress up as their favorite character from the series.

Iconic tunes from Buffy performed at The Palladium 

Hough Hall will be become The Bronze — Sunnydale’s nightclub hangout spot on the bad side of town. “Songs From the Bronze” will feature music from iconic Buffy scenes covering tunes by Aimee Mann, Angie Hart, Michelle Branch, K’s Choice, Sarah McLachlan, The Sundays and Cibo Matto. A fully live performance of “Once More With Feeling” — said to be one of the most groundbreaking television episodes of all time — and other songs from the Buffyverse will be presented by the Florida Björkestra.

Along with the musicians, story elements that connect the songs together will be narrated and illustrated by published comic book artist J. Bricoe Allison whose art will be projected on a full size movie screen above the band.


Cosplayers, art show and more at the Side Door 

The popular Palladium Side Door will function as The Magic Box. The downstairs area will become a  curated space where local artists will present and sell their creations. Photo and signing opps with cast members and cosplayers will be available here.

Reserved tickets are $28/$40, SPC discount tickets are $25/$36. The event begins at 8pm at The Palladium Theater, 253 5th Avenue North.

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