Sippin’ Santa, a wild holiday tiki bar, is now open in Dunedin

Sippin’ Santa, a wild holiday tiki bar, is now open in Dunedin

Holiday themed tiki drinks

‘Tis the season for holiday themed cocktails and treats. Sippin Santa, a concept from the same team behind the Miracle Pop Up Bars, is bringing festive tiki drinks to the Honu Tavern and Bar in Dunedin. It’s open from November 21 to January 1.

This year’s roster includes drinks like the Kris Kringle Colada (Dark Jamaican Rum, Cynar, Allspice, Lime & Pineapple Juice and Cream of Coconut) and the Christmas Eve of Destruction (Dark Overproof Rum, Herbal Liqueur, Nutmeg Syrup, Lime Juice and Angostura Bitters).

Sippin’ Santa is a national brand, developed by the New York bar Boilermaker and exported to cities across the country. Unlike other holiday pop-up bars that take a traditional approach to the holidays with Santa and snow, Sippin’ Santa is all about the tropical and the tiki.

Honu is a veteran and family-owned business in the heart of Dunedin. HONU means turtle in Hawaiian ~ typically referring to the endangered Green Sea Turtle in Hawaii. Several years back they fell in love and fully appreciated the beauty and majestic turtles that peacefully sleep on the beaches and lava rocks on the Big Island. While swimming and snorkeling the shallow beaches often one will get a big surprise around a corner when these large forms come into view seemingly swimming one with the currents.

The food menu represents the best of what their local markets have to offer. Their passion for sourcing fresh ingredients from farmers and suppliers we know, combined with traditional flavors and rewriting familiar recipes into exceptional cuisine is their mission and greatest joy. They can make almost anything vegetarian or vegan.

Learn more about Sippin Santa on its website. Follow Honu on Facebook for updates.

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