Hidden Gems: Serbian Mediteran is a meat-fueled Balkan delight on 4th Street

Hidden Gems: Serbian Mediteran is a meat-fueled Balkan delight on 4th Street

A meat plate at Serbian Mediteran Restaurant
Photo courtesy Mary Jane Spasovski

It may be hard to imagine a hidden gem being located on 4th Street, but just outside the hustle and bustle, there’s an incredible experience tucked away next to a hair salon and an insurance agent if you drive far enough north. Serbian Mediteran Restaurant, at 6500 4th Street North, serves up some of the most authentic and delicious Mediterranean eats in town.

The low-key, locally-owned spot has a devoted cult following, beloved for its Serbian and Balkan-influenced take on Mediterranean fare. With flavorfully-spiced dishes heavy on meat and bread, and a dessert menu full of regional specialties, the restaurant is a favorite for those trying a new cuisine, and especially for those who grew up on the Serbian style of dining.

Serbian Mediteran serves up a variety of soups and salads, more than a dozen grilled entrees and specialties, and a wide range of appetizers, desserts and even breakfast options. Sign us up for the Mediterranean omelet stuffed with slices of smoked pork loin.

Enjoy traditional Serbian dishes in a warm, welcoming atmosphere

The Serbian hamburger, or pljeskavica, is a fan favorite, piling up a massive ground beef patty mixed with Balkan spices and served between warm pita bread. More favorites include cevapi (minced beef links with pita), shish kebabs, beef liver, mixed meat platters, and a variety of hearty stews including fish, lamb, and tripe.

The biggest star on the menu is Karageorge’s Schnitzel (one of four schnitzel varieties), featuring a breaded and fried rolled boneless pork roast stuffed with cheese and ham. And don’t sleep on the appetizers – the ustipci fried dough balls and the burek meat-stuffed pastries are tantalizing – or the revered desserts, including baklava and hurmasice.

On a tip from a Serbian native who promised that Serbian Mediteran was “the real deal,” we decided to check it out. Before even getting to the restaurant, a quick google search revealed an absolutely all-star reputation. With nearly 500 reviews, Serbian Mediteran 4.8 out of five stars, a nearly unfathomable rating in today’s age of negative review bombing.

The restaurant is open Wednesday-Monday from 8 am – 8 pm, and while we haven’t yet tried the breakfast ourselves, we’re going to go ahead and pre-recommend a morning spent with a meaty omelet, or perhaps some light baklava and coffee. And don’t worry if you have trouble finding more information online – we promise they’re there. What they lack in web presence they more than make up for with out-of-this-world meals.

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