Seattle-inspired coffee & wine bar, The Blend, brings white espresso to the ‘Burg

A mother and daughter stand inside their newly opened coffee shop
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St. Petersburg is slowly becoming a coffee and wine lover’s paradise. That is more than evident with the recent addition of The Blend to the Sunshine City’s small business roster. Owner Stacha Madsen and her daughter Nichole McVicar are infusing the downtown area with Seattle’s flair for caffeinated beverages — and adding their own appreciation for fine wines and good brews.

The pair will host a special Grand Opening on Friday, February 7 at 490 1st Avenue South. The celebration will include an ALL DAY Happy Hour, and live music from 6-10pm courtesy of Curtis Allen.

Barista pouring steamed milk into a cup

Stacha sort of stumbled upon St. Pete. The purveyor of coffee and wine has opened several concepts in the Northwest, but was needing a bit of Sunshine. So, Madsen googled “cities with the most days of sunshine” and sure enough the ‘Burg popped up. That’s right, we’re a city with good SEO.

She pretty immediately fell in love with this area and began setting roots. The Blend boasts a bit of everything. Here, customers will find an ample selection of wines,  beers, and of course coffee. That’s in addition to baked goods from the incredible Katie’s Fine Cookies, and Mana Bakery.

Image of a brownie and a blondie on a plate

Madsen isn’t stopping with the 1st Avenue South location either. A second Blend location will open on 4th Street North in a former bike shop in the same plaza as Tropical Smoothie. That location should be open by early March.

One of the most exciting aspects of The Blend is the inclusion of white espresso. White espresso features beans that are very lightly roasted. It gives the drink a rich flavor, with nutty after tones. It’s the perfect, highly caffeinated, base for a sweeter coffee drink. White espresso is extraordinarily popular in the Northwest and Madsen is ready to let ‘Burg residents experience it for themselves.

Two shots of espresso being poured

In the mood for something sweet? The Blend offers blended espresso drinks, a creation featuring ice cream, espresso, and the flavor of your choice. Go with the white chocolate,  that is my unsolicited advice.

You can also indulge in a selection of breakfast sandwiches, one of which is GLUTEN-FREE (it features turkey, egg whites, and cheese).

A strawberry smoothie being spun

The Blend’s menu includes a generous list of smoothies to sip on too. The Strawberry Passion Fruit mix is a work of vibrant pink art. Cheers

If you’re feeling a bit spirited, I recommend you enjoy a glass of the Collevento 921 rosé. It’s bubbly, beautiful, and refreshing on a warm St. Pete evening.

Rose poured into a tall glass

There are also a variety of salads to-go courtesy of Sunshine City goods.

A full menu, featuring delicious meats, cheeses, and breads to nosh on while you unwind.

Need a brew? The Blend has several local beers on draft as well. Varieties from 3 Daughters, Green Bench, Tampa Bay Beer Company, and a Vodka Beer are all being poured.

A beer poured into a glass

It’s a new downtown haven for your taste buds, and a dose of something slightly different in St. Pete.

The space, on the ground floor of the Tampa Bay Times building, features black and white photos from the St. Petersburg Museum of History. Prolific local artist, Leo Gomez, painted the mural inside the coffee and wine bar.

A latte being passed over the counter

Special thanks to Stacha’s son, who might be the top rising latte artist in all of St. Petersburg.

The Blend, 490 1st Avenue South. Keep up with the coffee and wine bar by following it on Facebook and Instagram

The Blend is open Monday through Friday, from 7am-7pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from 9am-3pm.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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