Sap Sap Lao serves authentic Laotian cuisine in Pinellas Park

Sap Sap Lao serves authentic Laotian cuisine in Pinellas Park

photo of two cooks in a kitchen, and a plate of pad Thai

Sap Sap Lao is an authentic Laotian restaurant located at 4366 Park Boulevard North in Pinellas Park. The concept was originally called Fingalickin Good Seafood, but the owners changed the name and adjusted the menu back in January, and officially relaunched in February 2021.

A new labor of love has emerged in the bustling Pinellas Park area. Sap Sap Lao is a hotspot for authentic Laotian cuisine, and in just a short time has garnered a deluge of praise from local diners.

“It’s never about the size of the business – small businesses, hole in the walls – always succeed too. It’s what you do with it & how you handle it,” wrote the restaurant owners. “We have been able to experiment with many different vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices… And that is what we aim to bring to you: authentic Lao cuisine plus more that offers an abundance of aromatics which is inviting to both your senses and your overall meal experience!”

Banh Xeo – Photo via Sap Sap Lao

Sap Sap Lao is a hidden gem in Pinellas Park

The tantalizing menu begins with appetizers such as fried pork riblets, curry-flavored chicken satay, Sai Gok (Lao sausage), and fried chicken feet. Laotian style salad, and Tom Yum soup also round out an excelsior list of starters.

Here’s recent 5-star review from diner Kara Sotakoun:

“I haven’t been able to visit my family in over a year bc of the pandemic, which means I haven’t had Lao food in that long. I went here and ordered a bunch of food (tum mak houng, saikok, nam khao, khao niew w/ jeow bong) and it was reasonably priced and AMAZING!!! I’m still talking about it a few days later. If you have never tried Lao food this is a great place to try it for the first time! And if you are Lao this is a great place to go to find great Lao food.”

Another 5-star review called out the mango sticky rice and perfect Tom Yum soup:

“The Tom Yum was tangy and sweet and sour and spicy and the Lao sausage was pork-y and salty and perfectly cooked, get any of the dipping sauces for it too. You have to get sticky rice so you can mop up all the delicious sauces left on your plate and finish with the mango sticky rice dessert.”

Signature fish plate – Photo via Sap Sap Lao

Enjoy some Mango Sticky Rice

I personally recommend capping off your experience with a Lao iced coffee, fried bananas, and fried ice cream.

Signature items worth exploring include:

Khao Piek Sen – homemade rice flour tapioca wet noodle soup, garnished with cilantro, green onions, beansprouts, fried garlic, fried onions.

Laap Gai – ground chicken mixed with roasted rice flour, chili flakes, lime juice, mixed fresh herbs, served with sticky rice.

Banh Xeo – egg crepe, mixed chicken and shrimp, mixed with carrots, bean sprouts, and green onions.

Massaman Curry – thick brown peanut curry sauce, onions, tomatoes, potatoes

Panang Curry – panning paste, peanuts, peppers, lime leaf strips, and string beans, mixed with coconut curry broth

Drunken Basil Fried Rice – rice, eggs, basil, mixed veggies, onions

Nam Khao – crispy coconut fried rice, fermented pork, peppers, peanuts, and cilantro.

Sap Sap Lao is located at 4366 Park Boulevard North. Follow the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram to learn more and to see some menu teasers.

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