Rooftop Spa Deck and Lounge Proposed for Ponce de Leon Hotel

Rooftop Spa Deck and Lounge Proposed for Ponce de Leon Hotel

The Burg’s waterfront area offers fantastic panoramic views. On evenings when the sky turns a soft cotton candy shade, and clouds billow and roll into transfixing layers, there’s nothing quite like viewing it all from a rooftop.

It’s Rooftop season in St. Pete

The historic Ponce de Leon Hotel could soon offer guests the chance to enjoy an elevated view of St. Pete’s postcard scenery. On July 11, the Urban Planning and Historic Preservation Division of St. Pete’s Planning and Economic Development Department approved plans for the construction of a rooftop spa deck and lounge at the historic structure.


Currently, the rooftop is non-functional for human activities or occupancy. Approximately 1,820 SF of the roof area would be utilized for actual outdoor terrace and walking surfaces oriented toward the waterfront area.

Outdoor terrace and enclosed seating area

The scope of the project would see the construction of a new, tied-in roof system above the existing roof and a 31’9″x17′ enclosed seating area with folding glass panel door systems. Builders would also replace the tourelles that were previously removed.

Proposed new rooftop structures, including enlarging the two existing shaft enclosures would amount to approximately 1,233 SF.

Improvements maintain hotel’s historical integrity 

Originally constructed in 1922, the hotel received historic designation in 1997. The idea of enjoying an overnight staycation at the Ponce de Leon to take advantage of stellar rooftop views sounds perfect to us. It could also serve as a new tourism driver in the city of St. Pete.

You can view the full proposal and report the City’s website.


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