St. Pete Rapper Rod Wave giving away $25,000 of free gas this Saturday

St. Pete Rapper Rod Wave giving away $25,000 of free gas this Saturday

Celebrated rapper Rod Wave will give away $25,000 worth of free gas to people of his hometown St. Pete this Saturday, April 9. The rapper made the announcement in an Instagram Story on March 28. Rod Wave filmed himself being perplexed at the price of a full tank of gas he put in his Bentley.

Here’s the full announcement from Rod Wave: “St. Petersburg, Florida, St. Pete, 727—giving away free gas April 9 at the Sunoco on 34th right before you get on the bridge. April 9, I’m giving away $25,000 in free gas. So April 9, 12 o’clock, pull up and get you a free full tank.”


Tampa Bay Times confirmed the news with both the gas station and the St. Pete Police Department. St. Petersburg police spokesman Ken Knight told the Time that traffic cops will be on duty to handle the large crowds expected to pull up. Sunoco won’t allow attendees to start lining up before the event (noon) and that they estimate they will pump the entirety of the $25,000 in just a few hours.

The Sunoco Gas Station is located at 5100 34th Street South.

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