World-inspired steak and wine restaurant Roam now open on 34th Street

World-inspired steak and wine restaurant Roam now open on 34th Street

A steak dish and a salmon dish

The culinary masterminds behind the beloved Red’s BBQ food truck have turned their talents toward a new project and opened their first brick and mortar in St. Pete. Located at 3405 34th Street North, ‘Roam’ is a passion project led by Joshua Jackson, and it has quickly become a hit for dinner and brunch.

Jackson describes Roam as “a showcase for food,” and a place he hopes will be a culinary destination for locally and internationally-inspired dishes. While Roam’s menu rotates on seasonal availability, highlights of the menu include prime steaks and a tomahawk ribeye, lamb chops and pork chops, alfredo cavatelli, salmon, New York lobster mac, and a richly decadent ½-pound cast iron fried burger.

Roam is open for lunch and dinner Thursday-Sunday, beginning at 11 am. For the bar program, Roam offers a wide selection of higher end wines and champagnes, as well as beer and some cocktails. And while Jackson is excited for the opportunity to show the full range of his skills in the kitchen for lunch and dinner, it’s Roam’s Sunday brunch that has him particularly thrilled.

“That’s my menu I’m having the most fun with,” he said. “I’ve always loved Sundays and having brunch. That’s when I’m smiling the most, laughing the most, and that’s because I’m having a good time.”

In addition to a range of omelets, Roam’s brunch showcases shrimp and grits, a smothered breakfast potato, “elevated avocado toast,” French toast brulee, a peaches and cream waffle, chicken and waffles, steak and eggs, a salmon BLT, and a hangover burger. Brunch is available only on Sundays.

Roam is realization of a culinary dream

Joshua Jackson behind the bar at Roam

As for Jackson himself, Roam is the realization of the dream he and his brother (who he co-runs Red’s food truck with) have had since moving to Tampa Bay from New York City five years ago. In NYC, Jackson was a corporate executive chef, an achievement he reached after working in kitchens since the age of 14.

Shortly after moving to the area, the duo opened their food truck, and for years have been waiting for the right location to open a restaurant. With Roam, Jackson is excited to show St. Pete what they can really do and provide the community with an enjoyable place to get great food.

“We said we were going to do something that was nice, where people could come get really good food, have a good atmosphere with good vibes and music, and just relax,” he said. “I struggle to find where I want to eat, so it was just easier to open the place I wanted.

“That’s why it’s called Roam,” he explained. “People roam around looking for good food, and now people can come get what they’re looking for, at a good quality.”

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