Report: Is O.J. Simpson moving to St. Pete?

The New York Post’s PageSix is reporting that O.J. Simpson is preparing to move to St. Pete, Florida upon his release from prison.

It is believed Simpson will reside close to his children and that the family has already purchased a house in a gated community for the ex-NFL star.

Simpson was a Heisman-winning running back for the University of Southern California. In addition to his professional football career, Simpson was a pop culture icon in the 70’s and 80’s, starring in movies such as The Tower Inferno and The Naked Gun. In 1995, after a lengthy and highly publicized trial, he was acquitted of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

In 2008, Simpson was convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to 33 years in prison with the possibility of parole after 9 years. His parole was granted back in July, and Simpson is now expected to be released in early October 2017.