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Top rated local meal delivery service, ReBuilt, expands with 28 pick up spots across Tampa Bay

Top rated local meal delivery service, ReBuilt, expands with 28 pick up spots across Tampa Bay

The locally owned and operated Rebuilt Meals is the best way to meal prep in Tampa. They bring healthy meals straight to your door, and even offer vegan, gluten-free, and keto options. Use cod BLACKFRIDAY22 for 80% OFF your first week, 10% each week for the duration of your subscription, and 2x points through the end of 2022. Make sure to include I Love the ‘Burg as as your reference!

ReBuilt Meals is a Chef Prepared Meal Service that began in Historic Ybor City. The company can craft plant-based, keto, gluten-free, and vegan meal options out of its Tampa-based facility.


The Tampa Bay-based business began serving the immediate region but has since expanded to offer meal delivery to the entire state of Florida and the Southeast region of the United States. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and customers with other dietary restrictions/preferences can customize their own meal plan to meet their needs. If you are not big into cooking or feel lost in the expansive produce section, this chef-prepared meal service is a (delicious) lifesaver. Plant-based and ketogenic meal plans are fantastic additions to its already vibrant array of meal plan options

30% off the first 3 weeks (minimum order of $99) with code ILOVETHEBURG

The meal prep service has significantly enhanced its local pick-up locations across the Tampa Bay region, for those who are eager to start their ReBuilt Meals journey. You can find a full list of the 28 convenient Pick Up Locations on the ReBuilt Meals website.


The meals are portioned properly to be filling and healthy. Each meal comes in eco-friendly packaging, and the prepared meals help ensure a diminishment in overall food waste. It’s the perfect concept if you’re just slowly returning to the office, or just trying to add a sense of consistency as you work from home.

The Keto ABC Breakfast | Photo Courtesy of Rebuilt Meals

ReBuilt Meals is a major time saver

Carving out the time for meal prep isn’t always a priority, and depending on the scope of one’s day, it isn’t always feasible. Instead of submitting to the lull of preparing the same meal over and over again, ReBuilt Meals allows for an efficient means of adding variety and flavor to your palate. 

These meals are pre-portioned, which is one small stress reliever that can make the entire day feel infinitely easier. 

Cowboy Beef | Photo Courtesy of Rebuilt Meals

This chef prepared meal service is cutting down on food waste

Food waste is a considerable issue across the country. Often times we buy products from the store that spoil before we get around to cooking them. Alternatively, we may go out to eat and spend more money than intended or derailing from our diet regimen. 

This issue also causes hesitation when purchasing fresh produce to have at home.  The healthy, chef-prepared meals by ReBuilt Meals provide clients with an astonishing amount of nutrition and flavor. You can be assured that every savory ingredient is going to be enjoyed. 

Baked sweet potato, lemon tahini, tomatoes, and lentils in a bowl
Baked Sweet Potato and Lemon Tahini Lentils | Photo Courtesy of Rebuilt Meals

30% off the first 3 weeks (minimum order of $99) with code ILOVETHEBURG

ReBuilt helps establish and maintain healthy eating habits

As stated above, the meals are portioned to ensure you get a proper serving of nutrients. It helps keeps your eating schedule consistent and helps cut down on that late afternoon lethargy.

Every ReBuilt Meals Plan provides ease of mind for individuals and families alike. If you are looking to avoid a trip to the grocery store or are looking to cut down on general food waste, ReBuilt Meals is the service for you!

ReBuilt Meals are delivered in reduced oxygen packaging to increase their shelf life. The film that covers the containers uses 98% less plastic than conventionally prepared meal containers with plastic lids, and the containers themselves are made by Go Green Packaging, which is the industry leader in reducing plastic waste.

Meatball Stroganoff | Photo Courtesy of Rebuilt Meals

Customizable weekly plans for Rebuilt Members

The meal plans are delivered weekly to 28 convenient Pick Up Locations and are available to retrieve on Mondays. Home Delivery clients receive their orders directly by Tuesdays or Wednesdays of each week, through UPS or FedEx. 

ReBuilt Meals is a weekly subscription service that provides over 30 new meal choices each week with a rotating menu. Clients have the ability to select meals from every meal plan, so the variety is endless. ReBuilt Meals is completely commitment-free. There is no contract, cancellation fee, or long-term agreement required, so you can receive and enjoy meals exactly when you want them. 

ReBuilt Meals is the largest growing chef-prepared meal delivery service in the area. Not surprisingly, they are highly rated by locals (4.9 on Google Reviews) for their quality meals and exceptional customer service. View all of the available meal plans on the ReBuilt website.

Pecan Waffle Breakfast | Photo Courtesy of Rebuilt Meals

30% off the first 3 weeks (minimum order of $99) with code ILOVETHEBURG

Double up your protein each week

Don’t worry, for the seriously famished, you can double your protein per meal. Dynamism is part of the ReBuilt Meals system. There are more than 30 different entrees to choose from each week, a bevy of rotating breakfast options, and Doughnuts. Not to mention an A La Carte menu that can be ordered by the pound. The gluten-free donuts are my personal favorite treat on the menu. 

Operating out of Tampa, and serving the Southeast Region of the US

ReBuilt Meals has grown exponentially from a one-story warehouse in Historic Ybor City, to a multi-level commercial production facility in Drew Park over the course of 6 years. President and CEO, Brandon Assaf and his team anticipate and project continuous expansion and success with ReBuilt Meals for years to come. 

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Radish | Photo Courtesy of Rebuilt Meals

Locally born, ideated, and created, ReBuilt Meals brings one of the most booming and vital trends in the culinary world to the region. Adhering to eco-friendly guidelines, while offering delicious and varied fare, ReBuilt Meals is brimming with the kind of local flavor St. Pete and Tampa residents crave.

Want to whet your appetite for ReBuilt Meals? Follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for menu updates, exciting giveaways, and promotional events. Visit ReBuilt’s website to browse what’s currently offered on the menu and to become an active client.

30% off the first 3 weeks (minimum order of $99) with code ILOVETHEBURG


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