Rebuilt Meals brings chef-prepared meals straight to your door in St. Pete and beyond

Rebuilt Meals brings chef-prepared meals straight to your door in St. Pete and beyond

New Rebuilt Meals customers enjoy 50% off their first two orders with code HEALTHYSTPETE

Rebuilt Meals has long-served as one of the top tier chef-prepared meal services in Tampa Bay, and beyond. The locally owned and operated business connects folks with healthy, flavorful, protein packed ready-built meals that allow you to live more without the worry of cooking. The company can deliver vegan, keto, gluten-free, plant-based meals direct to your door, or drop them off at convenient pickup spots across the region. 

New year, new you; Rebuilt is here to help residents achieve their goals in 2023. The chef-made meal service can easily fit into your new daily routine, helping you meet your macros, and allowing you to enjoy the things you love to do without worrying about getting a healthy meal on the table. You can eat healthier, save money and time, while still supporting a locally owned business here in the Sunshine City.

To help get you started on your New Year goals we’ve partnered with Rebuilt for a “New Year, New You” promotion. New customers enjoy 50% off their first two orders with code HEALTHYSTPETE at checkout. In case you hadn’t heard, Rebuilt Meals also has gift cards if you’re looking for that perfect gift to help get a friend or loved-one back on track in 2023.

Rebuilt Meals is one of the top meal delivery services in Florida

What began as a meal-prep service in an Ybor City warehouse has grown into one of the most essential meal delivery services in the state. These beautifully sorted meals range from sensationally seasoned chicken to comforting turkey chili and heaping portions of quinoa. The assortment of menu options ensures your palate is never bored. ReBuilt Meals offers 30 new meal options weekly.


While there’s a heightened emphasis on health and moderation, that doesn’t mean Rebuilt doesn’t serve up the sweets. Their banana bread donuts, and red velvet donuts are two of my favorite ways to wake up in the morning (and they’re gluten free!). The almond flour pancakes with Nutella and sea salt are a childhood dream come true. 

This is an amazing time saver in 2023. You can avoid the grocery store, the prepping, chopping and cooking, and just savor a perfectly portioned meal that will provide you with the nutrients you need to fuel your body. All you have to do is heat and eat. Though my personal favorite perk is having almost no dishes to do afterwards – and the packaging is recyclable! 

Pick up fresh eat at convenient locations across Tampa Bay

Members can have meals delivered directly to their door, or they have the option to pick up at 30 different locations across the greater Tampa Bay area. Home Delivery clients receive their orders directly by Tuesdays or Wednesdays of each week, through UPS or FedEx. Pick Up Location bags are delivered to refrigerators and available for pick up on Monday. All pick up locations are available on Rebuilt Meals website

Baked sweet potato, lemon tahini, tomatoes, and lentils in a bowl

You can feel good about eating a ReBuilt Meal; not just because it’s delicious, but you’ll be helping to cut down on food waste and saving the environment. The meals are made to last a couple of weeks, and each is perfectly portioned for a single serving. ReBuilt Meals are delivered in reduced-oxygen packaging to increase their shelf life. The film that covers the containers uses 98% less plastic than conventionally prepared meal containers with plastic lids, and the containers themselves are made by Go Green Packaging, which is the industry leader in reducing plastic waste.

Celebrating near perfect 5-star reviews

This is a weekly subscription service that provides over 30 new meal choices each week. ReBuilt Meals is completely commitment-free. There is no contract, cancellation fee, or long-term agreement required, so you can receive and enjoy meals exactly when you want them. 


ReBuilt Meals is the largest growing chef-prepared meal delivery service in the area. Not surprisingly, they are highly rated by locals (4.9 on Google Reviews) for their quality meals and exceptional customer service. View all of the available meal plans on the ReBuilt website.

“I have been able to lower my food waste, get time back in my day not shopping or cooking and really get to enjoy every meal,” writes Laura Lane in a 5-star review. “The quality and options have really helped me live more and it’s something I would suggest anyone trying if they are looking to simplify life.”

Mexican Street Corn Bowl 

Get 50% off your first two orders

Denis Tam, another customer, is also enamored with the product. “The food always tastes amazing. Easy to put into macro counting apps and if you have MyFitnessPal you just scan the barcode,” Tam writes a 5-star review. “Customer service is the best by far of any other meal prep company I have ever used. So accommodating and overall just a Great experience.”

Want to whet your appetite for ReBuilt Meals? Follow the company on Facebook and Instagram for menu updates, exciting giveaways, and promotional events. Visit ReBuilt’s website to browse what’s currently offered on the menu and to become an active client.

New Year, New You: New customers enjoy 50% off their first two orders with code HEALTHYSTPETE


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