Raymond Vies for Most Awesome Mascot

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Consider this a very light-hearted call to arms: Raymond, the curious mascot of the Tampa Bay Rays, has been entered into a competition on Cartoon Network. Running in the "Hall of Game" against Benny the Bull, Bailey the Lion, and Swoop the Eagle, Raymond has a chance to win the title of "Most Awesome Mascot."

Image via Cartoon Network

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Even if you don’t follow, understand or appreciate baseball, it should be known that our Rays are one of the most entertaining teams in major league baseball–though we could always, always use more cowbell.

Recently, Business Insider listed 23-reasons why "The Tampa Bay Rays are the Most Likeable Team in Sports". The compilation is endearing enough to warm even Coco Crisp’s heart. And now, Raymond has the chance to win a pretty cool title from a very popular source.

If you’re not totally convinced Raymond is, indeed, the Most Awesome Mascot, you should read his official biography, from the Tampa Bay Ray’s MLB website.

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Written by Brian Bailey


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