7th Annual Raptor Run 5K returns to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve on Saturday

7th Annual Raptor Run 5K returns to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve on Saturday

A group of people running on a wide nature trail

A 5k run through stunning Boyd Hill, called “Raptor Run,” is set for this Saturday, December 10. Anytime Fitness Downtown St Pete is excited to announce year seven of its annual Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Trail 5k. The not-for-profit race also marks the final bash for Anytime Fitness, which closed its doors last week following the sale of its historic building.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve originally began its life as a zoo and botanical garden for the city of St. Petersburg. It has since evolved over the decades into a mosaic of natural habitats and wild tropical landscapes along the shores of Lake Maggiore. Registration for the race is $22 and open through Friday, December 9.

Raptor Run gives you the ultimate Boyd Hill Experience

From the outer 5k marked Main Trail, there are five side trails (mostly loops) showcasing specific habitats: the Swamp Woodlands Trail, Willow Marsh Trail, Lake Maggiore Trail, Scrub Island Trail, and Pine Flatwoods Trail. Enjoy the immersion into each habitat on the side trails, and the amusing giant armadillos along Wax Myrtle Pond. 


The beautiful marked race trail is ready for you to walk, run, or even crawl at your own pace. This not-for-profit run will directly benefit Boyd Hill Nature Preserve and The Friends of Boyd’s Raptor Fest, which provides funding for their essential Birds of Prey Program.

Raptor Fest returns in 2023

This Raptor Fest will have an emphasis on scavengers. Raptor Fest allows Friends of Boyd Hill to continue its support of the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Birds of Prey program. This important program not only provides a forever home for non-releasable native birds of prey; it educates thousands of residents and visitors each year about the need to protect these incredible animals that are so important to our ecosystem. Your donations and sponsorships go directly to the care and feeding of the birds, and the resources to offer outreach and education programs with them.  

Last year, the City of St. Petersburg’s Parks and Recreation Department completed new enhancement projects at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, including the opening of the new Terry Tomalin Campground, a 12-site primitive public camping area


These projects at the City’s 245-acre nature preserve and recreation and education center will help serve the City’s vision to educate and inspire youth and adults to become advocates for nature, sustainable practices and conservation.


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