PSTA going fare-free on all routes until further notice

PSTA going fare-free on all routes until further notice

An electric PSTA bus drives thru a downtown street
Photo by Ysanne Taylor for I Love the Burg

Once again, St. Petersburg, my mind is blown. The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) announced on Wednesday, March 18, that it’s going fare-free until further notice.

“Going temporarily fare-free reduces overcrowding by the farebox and limits exposure to passengers and bus operators,” officials wrote in a Facebook post. “PSTA is asking passengers who can use the back door to do so when boarding and exiting the bus. We understand many, like those with mobility devices and others have to use the front door for the ramp and they can continue to do so.”

PSTA cleaning crews have tripled their cleaning efforts to thoroughly disinfect all transit vehicles, terminals, and facilities daily with high-grade sanitizers and multi-purpose cleaners. Crews are focusing their attention on disinfecting hard surfaces and high-contact areas such as handrails, fareboxes, doors, handles, windows, panels, and seats multiple times daily.

Bus operators and office staff are keeping their workstations clean by wiping down high-touch surfaces with disinfectant or sanitizing wipes.

You can read more about PSTA’s COVID-19 policies on the organization’s website.

Click HERE for a full bus schedule, and to see local routes.

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