Preview: Station House Arcade Set to Debut Soon

Preview: Station House Arcade Set to Debut Soon

Not only is Station House one of the places I Love the Burg calls home in downtown St. Pete, it set a new standard for style in co-working and event space. Elements of original hardwood floors mixed with an eclectic selection of artwork and modern touches created a high-end environment to do business that was accessible to all.

Some couple of years later and the team that brought us the original Station House is ready to debut Station House Arcade, located at 689 Central Avenue is offering small offices and shared space upstairs along with retail and shopping downstairs.

While Urban Creamery occupies one of the retail locations, owner Steve Gianfilippo says he’s speaking to some folks about a unique bar concept for the other street facing 900 square feet of retail.

Built in the 1920 as The Green-Richman Arcade, it was one of many shopping arcades in St. Petersburg during that time, including the Crislip Arcade, also located in the 600 Block of Central Avenue.

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