Pour Judgement, a bar featuring 269 different shots, opening downtown

Pour Judgement, a bar featuring 269 different shots, opening downtown

Assortment of different crafted shots

The 200 Block of Central Avenue is about to get its very own shot bar. Don’t expect your run of the mill lemon drops, this concept, Pour Judgement, will feature 269 carefully crafted shots that will completely ignite your taste buds.

Literally. With true mixologist flair, Pour Judgement is crafting photogenic shots that are almost a shame to finish.

Kick it with the flaming “Why is the Rum Gone.” This cocktail is a flaming version of the Elizabeth Swann shot, featuring Bacardi and Captain Morgan.

Flaming shots, and sweet sips

Want something sweet?

Order up the Dulce De Leche shot. The mix features Revel Stoke Roasted Pecan Flavored Whiskey, and Frangelic Liqueur.

Harry Potter fans, this shot will ensure mischief is not managed. Expecto Patronum is a bright blue concoction featuring a bright blue Pixie Stick and Patron Tequila.


Other offerings include a Twix inspired shot (Left or Right, your choice), a chocolate covered raspberries combo, and a Key Lime Pie shot.Indulgent offerings will be topped with different wines (yes, rosé), and citrus rinds and flowers, while others will offer muddled blueberries at the bottom.

Choose from 269 different crafted shots

Not a typo here, folks, there will be 269 shots in total to choose from. The first person to experience all 269 will receive a huge prize.

If there is one shot you’re particularly fond of, you can upgrade the size to a full cocktail. Small shot flights are also being considered.

The shot bar is the brainchild of Melissa Powell who has been bartending for more than a decade and the team behind the legendary One Night Stand Bar downtown.

Inside guests will find new murals paying homage to the Sunshine City. A giant painting of Frank Sinatra was also added behind a stage that Powell and her team built. DJs will be set up behind an old grand piano on the stage once it’s open.

St. Pete murals added on the inside

It’s the happy medium between an upscale craft cocktail bar and a fun Florida dive. The concept will also serve up a selection of 5 pressed sandwiches, including a Cubano, for guests.


Pour Judgement is adding patio seating outside its space at 269 Central Avenue. Inside, a long bar will feature retractable two-seater tables. A giant mural featuring each of the 269 shots is currently in the works inside.

Powell notes that the bar will be open before the end of August. Follow Pour Judgement on Instagram for updates — and continued shot teasers.

Pour Judgement, 269 Central Avenue.



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