Postcard Inn brings Kahwa Coffee to St. Pete Beach

Good coffee is coming to St. Pete Beach. That’s right, the St. Pete staple coffee shop that has grown exponentially over the past 10+ years is reaching further in the Tampa Bay region. The new partnership between the Postcard Inn’s food and drink spot, P.S. Grind, and Kahwa Coffee is set to elevate the waterfront restaurant following a grand opening in February, 2019.

P.S. Grind is open from 7am-4pm, just enough time to cash out and being to search for a serene sunset viewing spot. In addition to offering a variety of your favorite Kahwa Coffee drinks, P.S.Grind also serves up fresh doughnuts, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and rotating lunch specials.

How do you like your coffee? Great Kahwa Coffee from P.S. Grind to start the weekend in a beautiful place….

Posted by Postcard Inn on the Beach on Saturday, March 16, 2019

The best new coffee shop on St. Pete Beach is open

WiFi is available in case you’re looking for the next great remote work spot in Tampa Bay. Summer is endless in the area, so P.S. Grind offers ample cool drinks to enjoy like nitro cold brew and, our personal favorite, ice cappuccinos.

When we visit we’re in two moods: Indulgent or slightly less indulgent. The cinnamon rolls here are hypnotic wheels of fluffy, sugary goodness. If you don’t happen to be on vacation, the pastry will certainly make you feel like you’ve escaped to paradise. If we want to get our dose of vitamins, we’ll spring for the $10 acai smoothie bowl.

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Posted by Postcard Inn on the Beach on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hearty lunch options to keep you satisfied until sunset

The grilled chicken, havarti and bacon sandwich makes for a perfect beach-style lunch option, too. We’re glad to see the Burg born business Kahwa Coffee continue to grow and flourish in the Sunshine State — and can’t wait for more visitors to our beaches to experience some of the best coffee the region has to offer.

P.S. Grind is part of the Postcard Inn and is located at 6300 Gulf Boulevard on St. Pete Beach. Follow them on Facebook or visit their website for full details.

Want to find a Kahwa Coffee near you? Visit the shop’s website for a full list of locations.

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