Plant-Based Cafe Opening In St. Pete

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Whether you’re all about plant-based power or just curious to try something new Rawk Star Cafe opening in St. Pete is certainly something to be thrilled about. Rawk Star Cafe is a gluten-free, organic, raw vegan restaurant. It could even be described as a step up from vegan being 100% organic as well, nothing is cooked. Dehydrators are used to give an element of heat but nothing goes past 110 degrees anything above 110 degrees would kill off live enzymes and probiotics that the foods naturally have occurring in them.

Rawk Star Cafe will be located at 740 central Ave. They plan to be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rawk Star Cafe is so focused on being all natural all of their vegan milk is being made in housefrom scratch as opposed to being shipped in. They are close to their opening and are planning to open in early May.

“You want to have the best possible food you can have, you don’t want something to be loaded in pesticides or pumped with hormones, you want the best possible product.” says Michael Collins who is opening the cafe alongside his sister Arielle Collins. Every little fruit and vegetable has to be extensively researched. The Bell peppers for example, will be ordered from Israel and Holland because those are the best possible peppers you can get. Rawk Star Cafe is truly dedicated to providing their customers with the most raw and nutrient food possible. Get ready for some delicious and nutrient-rich food to hit St. Pete!

Photos courtesy of Michael and Arielle Collins.

Written by Aislinn Fallon

Aislinn Fallon is a five-time internationally published writer whose writing has been read on every populated continent on the globe. She is also the author of the poetry book Pretty Little Things & Witty Little Words which is represented by the world's largest global book distributor.