Pierogi Bar opening brick-and-mortar restaurant in West St. Pete

Pierogi Bar opening brick-and-mortar restaurant in West St. Pete

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Pierogi Bar owner Daryna Voloshyn just announced that acquisition of a new brick-and-mortar space at 6661 Central Avenue in West St. Pete. The cottage kitchen turned full restaurant delivers the most sensational pierogis you’ve ever experienced. The search for the right space in St. Pete took years, but the Pierogi slinging team finally landed on just the right spot for these fabulous palm-sized treats.

This will be the first full service Ukranian restaurant in St. Petersburg. The space is currently transitioning into The Pierogi Bar, in the interim period the cottage kitchen will pause operations. Make sure you’re following The Pierogi Bar on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on the new space.

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Pierogi Bar is St. Pete’s first Ukranian restaurant

The Pierogi Bar offers homemade authentic Ukrainian Pierogis, and WOW does owner Daryna Voloshyn deliver something special. There are myriad options to choose from. A personal favorite is the mushroom and sauerkraut pierogi. A sweet cottage cheese dessert pierogi has also captured my attention. A fundraiser was launched earlier in 2022 to turn this cottage kitchen into a full brick-and-mortar restaurant in St. Pete.

You can opt to add toppings like sour cream, bacon, and caramelized onions to your order. While Pierogi Bar has operated as a cottage kitchen concept for years, owner Daryna is now looking to open a brick-and-mortar in the Sunshine City.

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