Pier Dolphin Cruises provides the most beautiful sunset rides in Tampa Bay

Pier Dolphin Cruises provides the most beautiful sunset rides in Tampa Bay

Pier Dolphin Cruises departs from the beautiful St. Pete Pier and offers dolphin watching tours, eco adventures, shell key trips, and is available for private charters. This floating events venue is equipped with local brews and water, an on board bathroom facility with old school glow paint on the walls, cozy seats, and access to panoramic views of our beautiful Tampa Bay. With the holidays on the horizon. Pier Dolphins Cruises may be the preeminent spot to host your holiday happening.

Captain Christian is a 4th generation St. Pete native. His parents have operated a yacht charter turned yacht sales company in the marina since he was a kid. At the outset of the pandemic Christian opted to go all in on his passions. He purchased the The MV Dolphin Queen, a large, stable catamaran, and has swiftly made himself an indelible part of the St. Pete community.

I joined Captain Christian for a private event aboard the boat. The sunset cruise ran for two hours. We traveled to the end of the runway by Albert Whitted Airport, floated around the pier, and enjoyed a breezy ride around Snell Isle. Along the way the ever gregarious, and supremely knowledgeable Captain Christian supplied anecdotes about local history, pointed out some of the most mesmerizing homes, and helped those on board spot dolphins and seabirds.

Pier Dolphin Cruises offers the ultimate private event experience

Dolphins aren’t guaranteed on sunset trips, so everyone on the vessel was feeling remarkably lucky. Two dolphins even rode the waves behind the vessel.


Prior to departing, the chef from Cap’s in downtown St. Pete dropped off meals for those enjoying the cruise. There was also a selection of local craft beer for guests to choose from.

Music played at a modest volume as we watched the sun set over the St. Pete skyline. It was the embodiment of tranquility. Those in St. Pete interested in chartering the boat, or having their next big event on board can visit Pier Dolphin Cruise’s website for more information.

To put some of you at ease: there is a wonderful little restroom on board the Pier Dolphin Cruise vessel.

Cruise all over Tampa Bay

Outside of private charters, Pier Dolphin Cruises also provides daily dolphin watch tours. Captain Christian guarantees dolphin sightings on these tours.  “Tampa Bay dolphins love the sound of our engines,” says Captain Christian. He says these creatures have been naturally performing for the Dolphin Queen for nearly 30 years. Dolphins aren’t all you’ll see on these tours. A vibrant abundance of sea birds and other marine life will pass by the boat on your trip. The dolphin tours run 90 minutes.


If you’ve seen your share of dolphins, and more in the business of stellar views, then the sunset cruise is calling your name. These tours last just one hour and offer you some of the most instagrammable moments you can ask for in the ‘Burg. Plus all drinks are free on this cruise option.

Eco tours are also on the menu. These adventures are perfect for school field trips, year-round camp programs, or any group that wants to learn more about the delicate natural environment that surrounds Pinellas County. 

Follow Pier Dolphin Cruises on their Website, Facebook and Instagram for more information.


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