PHOTOS: Black Lives Matter street mural painted outside the Woodson Museum

Giant Black Lives Matter Mural
smith and associates

Cities across the country are doing what they can to show solidarity with, and support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Peaceful protests have occurred daily from St. Pete City Hall, and businesses throughout the ‘Burg have echoed support through fundraising, and supply donations. On June 18, muralists and volunteers began work on a new street mural outside the Dr. Carter G African American Museum. The mural reads: Black Lives Matter.

If you’d like more information about the daily protests, follow St. Pete Peace Protest on Facebook.

SHINE Mural Fest provided a breakdown of the artists who worked on the mural:

B- Jujmo
L- J. Gascot
A- Painkiller Cam⁣
C- Catherine Weaver ⁣⁣⁣
K- Nuclear Sky Art
L- Wayward Walls⁣
I- Laura Spencer Illustrates⁣
V- Art by James E⁣
E- Artist_esh⁣
S- Avacatoto⁣⁣
M- Free Style Tattooz⁣⁣
A- Mega Supremo
T- Von Walters⁣⁣
T- PVO Tattoo Shop⁣⁣
E- The Real Mel Poz⁣⁣
R- r5imaging⁣⁣
Layout/Prep: Vitale Bros

The Woodson Museum, with it’s gorgeous garden, is one of the most essential spots in all of St. Pete. The Woodson of course is currently seeking donations to assist in its time of need to continue to provide vital exhibits, and bring in a diverse array of speakers once it’s able to reopen.

This mural is meant to represent St. Petersburg’s support of the BLM movement, and the peaceful protests that will continue to occur through south, and downtown St. Pete.

The mural will be unveiled during a virtual Juneteenth press conference at 9:30am on June 19.

The Dr. Carter G African American Museum is located at 2240 9th Avenue South

A Juneteenth Celebration is set for Williams Park.

A black-owned business expo is also set for June 19 at 2410 34th Street South.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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