OktoBEERfest brings beer-fueled celebration to St. Pete this fall

OktoBEERfest brings beer-fueled celebration to St. Pete this fall

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Break out the lederhosen and turn up the oompah music, because a Florida-style Oktoberfest is coming to the ‘Burg this fall. Hosted by Event Tree Festivals at The Coliseum, the inaugural OktoBEERfest Food and Beer Festival is a celebration of Bavarian beer, food, music and games.

Coming on Saturday, October 9th from 4-8 pm, the Oktoberfest celebration is equal parts craft beer festival and theme party. Drinking from massive steins and “Das Boot” drinkware, festival-goers will be able to sample and select a variety of craft, domestic and authentic German beers, as well as cocktails from local distilleries. (Cocktails definitely not served by the liter.)

Alongside Oktoberfest music, there will be a cornucopia of traditional German food, with offerings like schnitzel, currywurst, bratwurst, German potato salad, apple strudel, and of course, giant pretzels.

Discounted OktoBEERfest tickets available now

Dressing up in your best Oktoberfest outfits is not required, but it’s certainly encouraged. In addition to food, drink and music, the festival will host a variety of games, Oktoberfest competitions, prizes and giveaways.

There are several different tiers for tickets and admission, all of which can be found here.

For $49, the Stein and Sampler ticket not only gets you in the door, but gets you a commemorative 1-liter beer stein, two cocktail tickets, and free sampling from all the local craft breweries in attendance.

The best deal in the house is the Das Boot VIP ticket, listed at $69. Here’s what comes with Das Boot: an ACTUAL Das Boot 1-liter mug, a commemorative 1-liter beer stein, a liter beer fill of your choice, four cocktails, unlimited beer sampling from local breweries, and access to the balcony with private seating and extra bathrooms.

We’ll prost to that, y’all.

There are also two GA options available, a $29 beer and cocktail tickets that gains entry, a ½-liter beer, and two cocktails. The $19 general entry allows admission into the door.

And just as a friendly and responsible reminder, you must be 21 years of age or older to attend OktoBEERfest. More details and ticket ordering can be found here, small processing fee may apply.

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