Nightshift Wax Co. launches new sanitizer spray for hands and home surfaces

Photo of two hand sanitizer bottles
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Nightshift Wax Co. makes some of the most fabulous candles in the entire Sunshine City. The locally-owned and operated company is a mainstay at local indie markets, and has products in stores across the ‘Burg including Tombolo Books.

Nightshift’s sanitizer is formulated with 70% Alcohol – the recommended percentage of the CDC. Formulated in a scented option for hands and non-scented for surfaces. The sanitizer is available in 2oz bottles for $5 each. You can order yours online.

Their first run of sanitizer sold out, and Nightshift just announced a second batch on April 14.

“Our scented formula offers aromatherapy benefits with soothing notes of juniper, vetiver and a hint of spearmint essential oils,” wrote Nightshift owners in an Instagram post. “In an effort to give back to our community we are selling these at cost, meaning you are paying 0% mark up. If you are able grab a candle or perfume, it’s those orders that are keeping us afloat during this time. We thank all of you who continue to support our brand — we love you the most!”

The second batch of sanitizer is set to ship at the end of April/early May. Visit Nightshift’s website to purchase a bottle, and browse their selection of candles and perfumes.

3 Daughters Brewing, Kozuba Distillery, and St. Pete Distilleryhave all crafted and distributed hand sanitizer both to the community, and to first responders in need.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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