New virtual walking tours reveal the hidden history of St. Petersburg

New virtual walking tours reveal the hidden history of St. Petersburg

This new virtual walking tour of St. Petersburg will reveal parts of the city’s history you never knew — and it begins with a stroll down Central Avenue with local historian Monica Kile. The History Half Hour is a Master Class on the Sunshine City. Did you know you can learn almost everything you need to know about St. Pete through a quick stroll down the popular sprawl?

Spend your lunch break on a virtual tour with local historian Monica Kile to learn the highlights of St. Pete’s past.


From the city’s founding, marked by the building of the landmark Detroit Hotel at Central and Second Street, through the real estate booms of the 1920s still visible in the notable architecture of the Alexander Hotel and the Snell Arcade, past the doldrums of the 70s and 80s that left little behind but soulless architecture and demolished buildings, to today’s vibrant local arts and culture scene so beautifully epitomized by the 600 block, Monica will hit the highlights of our history.

Through a combination of live commentary from Central Avenue and curated historic photos, you’ll enjoy a whirlwind tour that will leave you with an understanding and appreciation for the rich history of our city and the gem that is Central Avenue. This is everything you never knew about the people and places that have come to define St. Pete.

The first walking tour takes place on December 15 at 4:30pm. Tickets for the virtual event are $10.70 (price including tax).

Reserve your tickets now. Limited tickets are available for this virtual tour. The ZOOM link for this virtual tour will be sent the day before the event to your email.


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