New Murals Pop Up in the Burg

New Murals Pop Up in the Burg

St. Pete is slowly becoming known for its street art. The Huffington Post recently touted the Burg as one of the Top 15 Street Art Cities in AmericaLocal businesses, neighborhoods and members of the city council have recognized how imperative a thriving arts culture is to the growth and development of the city at large. 

Whether exploring the alley behind the 600 Block or Baum Avenue in the EDGE District, literary, mythological and locally inspired designs burst from the brick walls of galleries and shops downtown. Designs have made their way to 4th Street, Uptown, the Grand Central District and Deuces Live. 

A few new designs have popped up recently that you need to see for yourself. 

This mural by artist David Rothman can be found on the side of the Bay Food Mart between 6th and 7th Avenues North on 4th Street. 


Artist Chad Mize adds more than a splash to color to the Historic Uptown area of St. Pete. The neighborhoods new insignia can be found by the Laundromat at 499 7th Avenue North. The mural also features a hex block design inspired by the sidewalks in the neighborhood. 

Want to see the process of creating an entirely new vibe in this neighborhood on the rise? Chad Mize created an excellent time lapse showcasing the work that went into the mural. 


The 801 Conway has certainly left its mark on the EDGE District and the entire St. Pete community thanks to the skilled hands and minds of the Vitale Brothers. This mural can be found on the side of the former Cafe Adagio building at 1111 Central Avenue. 


*Photo via @paintthatuglything on Instagram

PizzaBox has made its prescence felt since opening. With a wood-fired oven they built themselves and a striking mural the owners painted, this new restaurant has quickly become a part of the regular St. Pete diet. P.S. Their gluten-free pizza, made with BoBs Red Mill gluten free dough, is amazing. The mural is in the alley behind the restaurant. Their address is 923 Central Avenue. 

A muralist by the name of Christy recently added a bit of magic to the 600 Block alley with an enchanted mural. Stephanie Byrne Photography was able to capture this magical design perpendicular to the famous Twiggy Mural by Chad Mize


A new mural is currently in the works by Deplane Studios and Manmade Murals on the side of Urban Provisions in the Grand Central District. If it's anything like Urban Brew and BBQ's historical design, we're sure it will be a magnificent site to behold. The project is in partnership with Small Town Brewery. Urban Provisions is located at 2410 Central Avenue. 

*Photo via Carla Bristol

A new mural has been added to the Deuces District by painter/sculptor Patrick Noze. You can view his piece titled "Art Reflecting History" on the side of the Advantage Training Systems building at 833 22nd Street.  South. 

Sarah Sheppard completed this gorgeous Alice in Wonderland mural back in February. We hadn't gotten to see it in person until recently. Gazing at it is trully a transformative experience. You can check it out on the side of China Finders located at 2823 Central Avenue. 

Sarah Sheppard isn't done leaving her mark on the Burg. She also recently completed a mural on the exterior of the new St. Pete Makers facility. For those looking to take what's brewing in their imagination and make it a reality, this spot is a must visit. St. Pete Makers is located at 429 22nd Street South. 

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