New Historic Kenwood Mural Honors Tocobaga Tribe

New Historic Kenwood Mural Honors Tocobaga Tribe

It’s no secret that St. Pete has become a destination for artists to showcase their talents. Seemingly always within sight of a mural, there’s no shortage of public art downtown. For those of us who can’t wait until October’s Shine Mural Festival to see a new piece of art go up, Daniel “R5” Barojas plans to satiate our craving for street art while also celebrating the Tocobaga tribe.

Paying homage to the natives of Florida

Barajas paints the depiction of the Tocobaga tribe, the indigenous and original settlers of Pinellas and Tampa Bay area. The mural displays two elders praying for a child peeking out from the bottom of the mural. The scene is enclosed by a Florida sunrise over a curved earth depiction of the ocean, while Florida plant-life bookend the mural.


Dedicated to the Tocobaga tribe, as well as to all ancestors, who placed an importance on teachings and knowledge. Barajas hopes for us to use their lessons to move forward and positively into the future.

A mural that comes to life

Along with the mural, there will be smaller sculptural elements made from wood. This allows the creative work to extend beyond the mural wall. By using visual illusions in conjunction with colors and figurative shapes, the static wall will give the appearance of movement.

On Saturday September 16, Barojas will debut the completed painting of his mural located at the Academy of Ballet Arts on 2914 1st Avenue North. The unveiling will also include music and refreshments from 1pm-4pm.

The ancestral Tocobaga tribe that once called this area home will now have their own small slice of the city as a symbol of gratitude and a gesture of respect.

For more information and updates about the unveiling, check out the Facebook Event page.


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