New Fighting Chance Mural, designed by Gibbs High students, arriving in St. Pete

Rendering of a new mural in St. Petersburg
smith and associates

St. Petersburg is an open air art gallery featuring pieces by creatives from all over the world. The latest addition to our mural scene comes courtesy of Gibbs High School’s mural club under the guidance of Brian McAllister.

The Leadership St. Pete Class of 2020 has also partnered with the Morean Arts Center to design the Fighting Chance Mural, which will depict the current and ongoing challenges the St. Pete community faces from the COVID-19 Health Crisis.

This historical mural will be memorialized on a wall of St. Pete’s own Morean Arts Center, in the heart of Downtown St. Pete (719 Central Ave).

Funds raised will be allocated to the Fighting Chance Fund – providing relief to both brick & mortar and home-based businesses, as well as impacted individuals in our community.

The mural contains natural, educational, and artistic elements. The Passion Vine is native to Florida and has a very unique flower. Passion vines, are a genus of about 550 species of flowering plants, and this represents our diversity in St Petersburg.

Moving to the right a young boy wearing a mask is reading a book as a series of doves emerge from its pages. The first dove is a linear representation. The birds progressively become more rendered as they advance towards the viewer.

This is used as a symbol for peace, as well as an educational tool for developing an image. There is also a young girl wearing a mask with a smiley face holding a camera. This child is documenting this time and place in history. The two children together represent the future of St Pete. You can see a classic pelican in front of the St. Pete skyline. The “+” has a dual role of representing the health care workers as a red cross, and also a positive symbol moving forward.

This image demonstrates how the quote is overlaid on top of the image “What are you doing for others?” Dr. King once stated this was “Life’s most persistent and urgent question.” Considering everything that is happening, this is an incredibly powerful quote that represents our impact on our community and nature. This is a time for reflection on how we can correct the mistakes of our past and create a better world to live in. The palette will be muted warm tones. Shades of purple and creams for the passion flower.

Click HERE to support the Fighting Chance Mural and Fighting Chance Fund.

As leaders in our community, the members of the LSP Class of 2020 have committed to raising $50,000 in support of the Fighting Chance Fund.

For more information or to support the Leadership St. Pete® Class of 2020 efforts to grow the
Fighting Chance Fund, click HERE.  Payments can be made online.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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