Museum of Fine Arts collects 90 pounds of honey from rooftop apiary, and now you can buy it

Photo of honey in 6oz jars with labels that read "Museum of Fine Honey"
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Did you know there’s a rooftop apiary on the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg? Well, there is, and that’s what all the buzz is about. So far the MFA has collected ~90 pounds of honey, and is now selling the sweet yield in 6oz and 12oz jars.

The Museum of Fine Honey got its name from John Mix, who submitted the idea in an open contest online. You’ll want to make a bee-line to this Beach Drive gem.

Posted by Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida on Thursday, February 27, 2020

Art of the Apiary at the MFA

This sweet debut pairs perfectly with the MFA’s current “Art of the Stage” exhibit, which focuses on the all the work that goes on behind-the-scenes to bring works of fine and performing arts to life.

The rooftop apiary was added to the Museum of Fine Arts downtown in the summer of 2019 by Noble Nectar Apiaries.

The partnership between the museum and the local bee experts is a conservation effort to protect the world’s bees. These beautiful, buzzing insects help keep our neighborhoods and meals colorful and sweet. Plus, we’re all about local honey during allergy season.

What’s buzzing #attheMFA? Bees! 🐝 We are working with Noble Nectar Apiaries to create an apiary on our rooftop 🐝 …

Posted by Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Museum partners with Noble Nectar

Noble Nectar is an organization dedicated to helping bees thrive. They also provide bee removal services as an alternative to extermination for residents, sell honey and wax products and provide bee education for kids.

They hope that, in the future, more local businesses will team up to help save the bees in a similar way!

You can contact them to set up an appointment by calling (727) 415-2518 or shooting them an email on their website.

They are safe and affordable alternative to extermination. We’re here for it. Keep beeing you, bees!

Want to learn what all the buzz is about. WATCH this behind-the-scenes tour of the MFA’s brand new exhibit, on view through May 10.



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