Mural Festival Coming to the Burg This September

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"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." Aristotle 

Each year we add new "must-attends" to our roster of festivals. Localtopia, Localicious, Trashion Fashion, BLUE Ocean, TIGLFF and others have signified St. Pete's elevation as a city committed to the arts and the world. 

St. Pete has rapidly evolved into a living, breathing art gallery. A gallery that is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

*Photo via The 600 Block

The alley behind the 600 Block stretch of Central Avenue is tattooed with vibrant murals.

The Nine 10, one of the best concert venues in St. Pete, is an ever evolving piece of art that connotes Ray Bradbury's famous short story "The Illustrated Man."

To the south, the exterior of El Gallo Grande is coated in designs paying homage to "From Dusk Till Dawn" and Maria Felix, a mexican actress regarded as the penultimate leading lady in the Golden Age of Mexican film. Neighboring the restaurant is a striking portrait of The Man With No Name.

On the back of the St. Pete Museum of History, facing Downtown, is a giant postcard welcoming visitors to the Burg.

A mammoth figure spans three floors behind Florida CraftArt and the Burg's Stop & Shop on 5th Avenue North is illuminated by the psychedelic renderings of Sebastian Coolidge.

These intricate pieces of art have become the heart, lungs and soul of St. Pete. They're representational of St. Pete's character and have become a major draw for in-state and out-of-state visitors.

*Tampa based Pep Rally, photo via SHINE

Beginning September 1st, and running through September 12th, in conjunction with the City of St. Pete and the St. Pete Arts Alliance, SHINE will take over the Burg. The event celebrates the art scommunity and St. Pete's unanimous embrace of the street art movement.

Over the course of a week and a half the event will feature 10+ mural productions throughout the Arts Districts, a community mural project at The Amsterdam (September 1), and a special ArtWalk presentation on September 12.

*Mural by Bask, photo via SHINE

The festival will reintroduce the city to the 5 distinct arts districts with a curated, open-air museum. 

Leave A Message Group Art Exhibition will return to the Morean Arts Center. The exhibition will showcase the best in urban contemporary art from around the country.

*Mural by Greg Mike, photo via SHINE

Artists participating in this celebration include Chad Mize, Bask, Ricky Watts, the Vitale Bros., Morning Breath, Erik Jones and PaleHorse. These minds reside in the Burg, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Tampa, L.A., Miami, Orlando and Montreal. Not only does this event promote the local arts scene, but also establishes the city as a international arts destination.

For up to date details about the event follow it on Facebook and visit SHINE's official website. Help make this event possible by donating to SHINE today.



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Written by Brian Bailey

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