Mochinut, a mochi donut concept, opens this weekend in Pinellas Park

Mochinut, a mochi donut concept, opens this weekend in Pinellas Park

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Mochinut, a wildly popular sweet spot, is in the middle of a Florida expansion, and its latest opening will bring the delicious treats to Pinellas Park. The company announced that the grand opening of its new location at 6242 66th Street North will be this weekend, with festivities from 12-9 pm Saturday and Sunday.

As part of the celebration, all donuts and hot dogs are buy-five, get-one-free. Plus, they’re offering 20% off all drinks. Starting with this weekend’s grand opening, Mochinut Pinellas Park will be open seven days a week from 12-9 pm

What is a mochi donut? “Mochi donut is the titillating product of the happy union between Japanese rice cake (mochi) and American-style doughnuts, which originated in Hawaii,” writes the Mochinut team.


The rice flour makes the donuts stretchy and chewy. “There is a sticky addictiveness to each bite, a textural element that is completely different from yeast or cake donuts,” write the owners on the Mochinut website.

Mochinut delivers decadent treats to the Sunshine State

Photo via Mochinut

Its main menu consists of a variety of Mochi Donuts, and Korean rice flour hotdogs. Currently, they have more than 20 branches in US with 90 more branches scheduled to open in the country.

Donut flavors include ube, matcha, strawberry, banana milk, mango, churro, and black sugar. You’ll find ample boba flavors to pair with the morning or afternoon snack. The purple ube boba is already calling my name.

Mochinut’s rice flour hot dogs include a fried ramen hot dog, and a hot Cheetos and mozzarella hot dog. Follow Mochinut Pinellas Park on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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