Member-based grocery store debuts off of Gandy Boulevard

There are a plethora of grocery stores in St. Pete. From Publix to Winn Dixie, to Locale and Lucky’s Market, there’s a shop for all variety of customers. The newest addition to the grocery scene in St. Pete is Fresh Family Goods, a food cooperative located at 10787 Oak St NE.

What exactly is a food cooperative? In essence, it’s a member based grocery store offering products at substantially lower prices. Members pay a fee to gain access to the locally sourced produce, meats, dairy, and dry goods. It’s a way to support the local economy while still keeping your refrigerator well stocked.

What are the membership requirements?

You have to pay a membership fee of $15 to start shopping. Your membership will remain active as long as you shop at the cooperative at least once a month.

The once-per-month visit requirement is there because many of the vendors the cooperative works with have minimum order requirements.

Don’t forget to bring your own reusable bag when you visit. Those curious about the shopping experience can enjoy one free visit to the grocery store. However, after that initial visit, a membership fee will be required for any subsequent trip to the store.

Bring your own bags and coolers

If you plan on picking up certain produce or dairy items, the owners recommend you bring your own cooler.

All products at Fresh Family Foods are handpicked and feature local honey, farm fresh eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds, pastured meats, raw dairy and oils and vinegars.

Want to learn more about membership? You can visit the grocery store’s website, or email them at

Main image courtesy of Lucas Harris

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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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