Meet The Owners: 600 Block Part I

The 600 Block has experienced a bit of a metamorphosis. It's a block for the best in live music, a home to some of the most enigmatic artists in the Burg, and a launching pad for bright and ambitious entrepreneurs.

We'd like to introduce you to the people that have made the growth and development of St. Pete possible. Here are the owners of your favorite businesses on the block.


Strands of Sunshine 

Amy Marshall, owner of Strands of Sunshine, moved to the Burg from Seattle four years ago with her husband. One of her first experiences of our city was the Second Saturday ArtWalk. A jewelry maker, Marshall always harbored the intention of selling her products in St. Pete but initially planned to do it from home.

After experiencing the Central Arts District on a Saturday night Marshall resolved to set up a shop of her own. 3 years later Strands of Sunshine is a focal point on the 600 Block.

Selling only locally handcrafted products, Strands of Sunshine represents the homegrown character of St. Pete. During our interview Marshall was working assiduously on packing goodie bags (100) for the upcoming ETSY Craft Party at the St. Pete Coliseum. 

Marshall runs the shop herself. Strands features items from Smith Wick candles, necklaces Marshall has made herself, pieces from Blossom and Shine and more.

Each Second Saturday Strands of Sunshine features a new local artist in their space for visitors. The July walk will feature a local maker from Creative Clay.

Located at 8 6th Street North, Strands of Sunshine is the little shop of all things local. It is also a champion of the traits that have put the city of St. Pete on the map as a destination to live work and play. It is a platform for ambitious artists and designers to get noticed. Don't miss the ETSY Craft Party happening June 5 at St. Pete Coliseum from 6-10pm.


Two Fold Bike Shop

Two Fold Bike Shop fills a tremendous void in St. Pete. Owner Michael Davis saw an influx of pedestrian and cyclist traffic daily in the Burg to the point of residential and sidewalk congestion. This is a city that commutes to work on two feet or two wheels.

The innovative design of the two-fold bikes allows riders to break down their ride to the size of a large pizza and carry it on the go. 

Before opening Two Fold, Davis worked in a wheel shop of his own. His concept blends seamlessly into the construct of the 600 Block. With a myriad of concerts, art shows and local markets occurring on a frequent basis, boasting a product that can cater to the nomadic tendencies makes the shop clutch. 

Davis saw the potential in the product and has since garnered wild popularity in St. Pete. The bike shop also offers bike repairs.

Two Fold Bike Sho is located at 657 Central Avenue.


White Owl Market

Rande James (left) , John Gascot (right)

White Owl Market owner Rande James assures, "this store is the never the same place twice". Featuring carefully selected pieces that range from antique to contemporary, White Owl Market is a store that cannot be adequately defined in words.

When visiting the store, Rande was in conversation with one of the market's featured artists John Gascot. Rande wants to provide St. Pete with "affordable luxury." The White Owl Market a couple of months ago made the jump from the arcade area on the 600 Block to the main strip of stores.

"I was drawn to the unity of this year. On the block and the city at large." said Rande. Before opening his shop he worked as a designer for Macy's. White Owl Market is something of a passion project for Rande. The store features hand painted guitars, urban lodge furnishings, inspired paintings and every other odd and end to make your space one that defines you.

"I see shades of Austin and San Francisco, Manhattan and Portland in St. Pete," remarked James, identifying the city as one that is rapidly on the rise. His eclectic mix of locally curated art, furniture and decorations are a testament to that idea.

White Owl Market is located at 683 Central Avenue. 

Written by Dex Fabian

Dex Fabian is the co-founder of I Love the Burg and That's So Tampa. A graphic designer by trade, Dex has been witness to Tampa Bay's explosion to become one of the hottest regions in the nation. In 2009, he helped develop the brand for I Love the Burg and in 2014 developed the branding for That's So Tampa and has been a regular contributor to both ever since.