Massive new wine and coffee bar debuts in the Old Northeast

Interior of a new wine and coffee bar with a green plants and turquoise chairs
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Many may already know The Blend, a coffee and wine concept, from its first location in downtown St. Pete just off 3rd Street and 1st Avenue South. Now, the Seattle-inspired hangout is expanding to the Historic Old Northeast.

The new space is massive. The café is perfect for social distancing and co-working while you nosh on a fresh baked muffins, cookies or a brownie.

Owner Stacha Madsen and her daughter Nichole McVicar are infusing this city with the Northwest’s flair for caffeinated beverages — and adding their own appreciation for fine wines and good brews, one concept at a time.

Discovering the Sunshine City

Stacha sort of stumbled upon St. Pete. The purveyor of coffee and wine has opened several concepts in the Northwest, but was needing a bit of Sunshine. So, Madsen googled “cities with the most days of sunshine” and sure enough the ‘Burg popped up. That’s right, we’re a city with good SEO.

She pretty immediately fell in love with this area and began setting roots. The Blend boasts a bit of everything. Here, customers will find an ample selection of wines,  beers, and of course coffee. The shop has also featured baked goods from Katie’s Fine Cookies, Bella’s and Mana Bakery.

A mother and daughter stand inside their newly opened coffee shop

Introducing white espresso to the Old Northeast

One of the most exciting aspects of The Blend is the inclusion of white espresso. White espresso features beans that are very lightly roasted. It gives the drink a rich flavor, with nutty after tones. It’s the perfect, highly caffeinated, base for a sweeter coffee drink. White espresso is extraordinarily popular in the Northwest and Madsen is ready to let ‘Burg residents experience it for themselves.

The Blend’s menu includes a generous list of smoothies to sip on too. The Strawberry Passion Fruit mix is a work of vibrant pink art. Cheers.

Broaden your wine horizons 

If you’re feeling a bit spirited, I recommend you enjoy a glass of the Collevento 921 rosé. It’s bubbly, beautiful, and refreshing on a warm St. Pete evening.

There are also a variety of salads to-go courtesy of Sunshine City goods.

A full menu, featuring delicious meats, cheeses, and breads to nosh on while you unwind.

Need a brew? The Blend has several local beers on draft as well. Varieties from 3 Daughters, Green Bench, Tampa Bay Beer Company, and a Vodka Beer are all being poured.

Live music happening at the new wine bar

A rotating roster of musicians are set to perform live at the The Blend. Follow the business on Instagram for event updates.

The Blend Old Northeast, 1211 4th Street North – open 8am-8pm weekdays, 8am-9pm weekends

The Blend DTSP, 490 1st Avenue South

Written by Andrew Harlan

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