Mary Margaret’s to open for all 64 matches as St. Pete’s home for 2022 World Cup

Mary Margaret’s to open for all 64 matches as St. Pete’s home for 2022 World Cup

People watching soccer at Mary Margaret's Irish Tavern

The FIFA World Cup is only days away, and DTSP’s favorite spot for international soccer is set to become St. Pete’s home for the 2022 Qatar World Cup this November and December. Mary Margaret’s Olde Irish Tavern, located at 29 3rd Street North, has big plans for the world’s biggest sporting event.

With the World Cup happening on the other side of the world, games will be starting at sunrise here in St. Pete, and Mary Margaret’s will be open for business when kickoff arrives. The Irish tavern, already a weekend favorite for catching the Premier League and the home of St. Pete’s American Outlaws chapter, will show every match with the sound on throughout the entirety of the World Cup, opening for breakfast service at 5 am every game day.


Breakfast dishes at Mary Margaret's

And a quick aside from the soccer here – if you haven’t yet tasted Mary Margaret’s Irish brunch, add it to your must-try list immediately. The corned beef hash and eggs is a delight, as are the Irish benedict, Ron O’Chin’s Beercakes, and the traditional Irish breakfast plate. 10/10, would eat again.

Catch every single game at any time of day at Mary Margaret’s

Following the 5 am start time for breakfast service, Mary Margaret’s will then start pouring pints o’ the good stuff at 8 am for those who truly want to get into the spirit(s) of the World Cup. The kitchen menu will switch to the traditional lunch and dinner service at 11 am, which once again is some the best Irish eats anywhere in St. Pete.


Soccer hooligans at Mary Margaret's
A smorgasbord of Irish food

The menu is truly a festival of Irish flavors, from fish and chips, bangers and mash, and a traditional shepherd’s pie, to Reuben sandwiches, Guinness poutine, and pretzel bites. There are also a variety of salads, dips, sandwiches, sides and desserts to choose from. And of course, the bar menu is packed with tasty cocktails and draft beers, including Guinness on nitro, as it is meant to be served.

The 2022 World Cup officially kicks off on November 20, with 64 matches being played in just under a month before a champion is crowned on December 18. Mary Margaret’s will broadcast every match with full sound, opening in time for the first match every gameday. Follow Mary Margaret’s on Instagram for more, and check out their full menu here.


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