Craftsman Mark James makes free food pantry for dogs in St. Pete

Craftsman Mark James makes free food pantry for dogs in St. Pete

Mark James, the craftsman behind Bear Creek Custom Timber, LLC, has found a beautiful way to honor his late dog. James crafted a free food pantry for dogs in his neighborhood and named it “Hank’s Bark Box.”

“One of my dogs passed recently and have been trying to find a way to honor his memory and this is what I’ve come up with,” wrote James in a post on Facebook. “I’ve seen many Free Food Pantries for people as well as Little Free Libraries, but I don’t remember seeing any roadside pantry boxes for pet food.”

For James, this gesture is a way to help those people who may not have the budget for pet food to alleviate that financial stress.

Hank’s Bark Box helps feeds pets around the ‘Burg

“It’s been my experience that folks that have fallen on hard times often take better care of their pets than they do of themselves,” James wrote in a message to I Love the ‘Burg. “It’s my hope that folks will use this pantry and be able to save what little money they do have to better care for themselves.It’s stocked with canned and dry food for both dogs and cats.”

James says he’ll continue to keep it stocked as needed. The pantry is located on the Northwest corner of 65th Street and 3rd Ave South.

If you’re curious to see some of Mark Jame exquisite work, you can observe his beautiful resin tables for sale online.

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