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Love Food Central celebrates 8 years of vegan, gluten-free eats in St. Pete

Love Food Central celebrates 8 years of vegan, gluten-free eats in St. Pete

exterior of a restaurant with. turquoise paint job and pink picnic tables outside
Outside Love Food Central in the Grand Central District

For nearly 10 years, Love Food Central has been the go-to gluten-free, vegan destination on Central Avenue. The aquamarine exterior and bright pink picnic tables outside match the vibrancy and joy of the staff. Inside, the menu is hand-painted on the walls (thanks for this piece of art, Jujmo!). It’s the vegan sandwich shop of your dreams, located at 2057 Central Avenue.

Before I touch on the savory stuff, I always start my Love Food Journey at the dessert counter. Their Carmelita bars are legendary, and the chocolate chip banana bread loaves are so good.

This weekend, Febraury 2-4, they’re offering food specials, and exclusive discounts on drinks and desserts. Check their Facebook and Instagram for all the details.

Nothing says “I Love You” like a Love Food Central Gift Card

The Bahn Mi Burger at Love Food Central

The best vegan burger ever

The hand-crafted Love Burger is an essential dish for vegans in Tampa Bay. It includes a tasty veganaise, St. Pete Ferments Sauerkraut, and Brick Street Farms lettuce. It’s oozing with local love. The GF bread is solid, and doesn’t crumble, and that vegan patty is flavorful (and big).

Love Food’s grilled tempeh reuben with avocado is exquisite, the Sunshine Salad with freshly sliced apple chunks, candied sunflower seeds, and macadamia truffle cheez might be the best salad in the city. I typically add some tempeh on top of that salad to make it a bit more substantial.

The restaurant also serves up a light and nice veggie wrap, a Buffalo tempeh sandwich (it has a nice kick), and a big Bahn Mi Burger with ginger basil pickled carrots, and jalapenos.

desserts plated on a table
The legendary Carmelita Bars at Love Food Central

Love Food’s soups and sides take center stage

Their ooey gooey vegan mac and cheez will change you — and possibly ruin you for all other mac and cheese options out there. Love Food also rotates through hot and fresh soups such as loaded baked potato and creamy black bean. Florida fam, if it dips below 75, it’s soup weather.

You can view their full menu online. Keep up with the newest desserts, and drinks by following Love Food Central on Instagram.

Did you know Love Food Central hosts parties and private events after hours?! Their space can be rented and food provided for any special gathering. The restaurant has twenty-two seats inside and over twenty outside. Many of their catering items are detailed on their website, but they can always try to accommodate other requests. DM or call 727-317-2034 for inquiries.

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