Lost Coast Oyster Co. to host launch dinner on Beach Drive

Lost Coast Oyster Co. to host launch dinner on Beach Drive

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Lost Coast Oyster Co. is the first oyster farm in the Tampa Bay region. The company is run by the husband and wife duo of Lindsay and Brian Rosegger — and they will launch with a special dinner at Alto Mare on Beach drive this Thursday, October 29.

Brian is a life-long Florida native and holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of South Florida.  His interest in oysters began with his first post-graduate assignment assessing populations of oysters in the wake of the BP oil spill.

Lindsay is a full-time as a Development Manager for the American Lung Association. But when she’s not there, she is the farm’s self-anointed Oyster Wench. Lindsay handles accounting, marketing, sales, and distribution arms.

Decades of overharvesting, habitat loss, saltwater intrusion, and the BP oil spill have nearly rendered the wild-harvest oyster fishery in the state of Florida extinct.  The Lost Coast Oyster Company aims to revitalize the lost industry along Florida’s Gulf Coast and become a leader in sustainable aquaculture practices.

By utilizing innovative off-bottom farming techniques Lost Coast Oyster Co produces high-quality boutique oysters destined for the premium half-shell market.  The Lost Coast Oyster Company’s ultimate goal is to create a locally-sourced sustainable product that preserves Florida’s unique environments while reinvigorating and promoting the restoration and enhancement of our natural estuarine systems.

With that said, this Thursday will be your chance to enjoy the fruits, err Oysters, of Lost Coast Oyster Co’s labor.

Enjoy delicious fare prepared by Chef Joshua Breen and team, hand crafted cocktails, wine, and craft beer, and of course the Lost Coast LoCos! Learn about oyster farming, our operation, and our tasty LoCos, and slurp a few down with us.

Visit the Facebook event page for details.

Alto Mare, 300 Beach Drive NE.

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