Lingr Restaurant announces new dim sum Sunday brunch

Lingr Restaurant announces new dim sum Sunday brunch

Dumplings and a cocktail at Lingr

Already one of the most unique restaurants in town for dinner, Lingr is set to add yet another enticing new option to the weekend brunch lineup. The Nordic and Asian inspired restaurant announced a new Sunday dim sum brunch menu of tasty small plates, with service beginning this Sunday, July 24.

In an Instagram post, Lingr said the menu will be available from 12-2:30 pm on Sundays, with reservations available and walk-ins welcome. Located at 400 6th Street South, Lingr has developed a cult following for its always-changing menu of eclectic and authentic dishes. The restaurant is open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday, and this marks Lingr’s first foray into brunch.

At a preview experience, the brunch menu showcased a double-digit list of delights. While certainly subject to change (and it likely will over time, knowing Lingr), the dim sum menu of shareable plates was anchored by shrimp toast and Fu Yung, a traditional Chinese dish similar to an omelet.

A wide range of dumplings filled out more of the menu, offering both vegan and meat-filled options. We have our eyes on the wagyu beef and black garlic, though the sweet potato and shitake dumplings sound ready made for brunch action. A selection of sweets rounded out the preview menu with Hong Kong French toast, peach bao, and kvaefjord, a creamy Norwegian sponge cake.

In addition to small plates, Lingr’s new brunch will also includes specialty cocktails, mocktails and a lengthy selection of teas. Stay tuned to I Love the Burg for more info.

Every dish tells a story at Lingr

Serving up Nordic-Asian-inspired fare, Lingr is an ode to Chef Jeffrey Jew’s culinary roots and shows off his years of culinary experience, the beauty in buying local, and the endless possibilities that come with integrating two unique cultures.

With a dedicated wok station, Lingr’s guests can anticipate a menu of tasty Asian dishes, including several dim sum elements inspired by Chef Jew’s childhood memories with his grandfather. Craft coffees and cocktails will also be available.

Sourcing food materials from local vendors is essential to fulfilling Chef Jew’s vision for Lingr. The kitchen will be chock-full of ingredients from Brick Street Farms, Sammy’s Seafood, Key West Seafood Co., Made Coffee, and other local farms that are growing produce specifically for Lingr.

“That’s where the Norwegian/Scandinavian side comes in,” Jew said. “There’s a lot of ingredients that I can import but that’s not really the way. They use ingredients that are hyper local and things that you can find in your backyard and forage. Now, Florida doesn’t lend itself too much to that, but I took that philosophy and said I need to get as much as I possibly can from this area.”

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