Leo Gomez to create mural with frontline workers at Bayfront Health in St. Pete

Leo Gomez to create mural with frontline workers at Bayfront Health in St. Pete

pink and blue mural on a large brick building

Leo Gomez has painted love letters to the Sunshine City on walls in the Grand Central District, outside Kenwood, and in Historic Uptown. His vibrant pieces uplift the community, and provide a pure vitamin C boost each and every time we pass them on the pedestrian paths of the ‘Burg. Leo is set to be one of the featured artists during SHINE Mural Festival this fall.

Photo via @leogomezstudio on Instagram

Titled “From Our Hearts,” Leo will be creating a mural tribute to the healthcare workers that have been on the frontlines against Covid-19. Doctors, nurses and other support staff from Bayfront Health will be helping Leo paint the mural.

The artist is responsible for some of our favorite signage across St. Pete. You can view his work on the side of Wild Roots, CrossFit 727, Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe, Tombolo Books, and Black Crow Coffee Co.

Leo is set to speak during a St. Pete Supports Arts meeting at Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe on October 5 from 6-8pm. St. Pete Supports Arts (SPSA) is advocating for guaranteed income for visual artists here in the ‘Burg. The first roundtable was held earlier in September and was attended by such artists as Derek Donnelly and James Oleson.

In a recent interview with SPSA, Gomez said his chief desire as an artist, and his hope for more artists going forward, is “to be seen.” You can watch his full interview online here.

Want to support Leo Gomez as he continues to paint love letters to the ‘Burg? Visit the artist’s online shop.

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