Last straw: Florida lawmakers could stop cities from banning plastic straws

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The issue of single-use plastic straws and what to do about them has stirred up quite a conversation in the Sunshine State. Many businesses have adopted measures to become more eco-friendly. This includes selling reusable straws, only providing plastic straws by customer request, issuing a small fee on plastic bags and providing.

Florida Lawmaker Anthony Sabatini just introduced House Bill 603, which “preempts local government‘s power to ban plastic straws in Florida.” Sabatini also tweeted, “the decision to use a plastic straw or not should be made by citizens, not government.”

In the Burg, a No Straws St. Pete initiative emerged with hundreds of local businesses making the pledge. In Tampa, Skip the Straw has reached all the way to Amalie Arena and Tampa International Airport.

St. Pete officials just recently passed a measure effectively banning single-use plastic straws in the Sunshine City by 2020. In 2020, any business caught distributing single-use plastic straws could face fines that gradually increase with each offense.

That ban could be nixed with this new bill passes. If it does, it would become effective on July 1, according to a report by ABC Action News.

Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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