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St. Pete self-care favorite Julien showcases sassy home and wellness goods

St. Pete self-care favorite Julien showcases sassy home and wellness goods

Candles made by Julien

After launching their digital store early this year, home goods and personal care company Julien is shining as a local success story. The company got its start after experiencing overwhelming success in St. Pete’s community markets scene, offering a popular line of self-described “sassy but classy” handcrafted creations designed to reflect life’s happy indulgences at the end of a workday.

From candles and lip balms to body lotions and dog soap, Julien’s products are inspired by the things that give their owners joy. Namely, cocktails and cannabis. As such, some of their most popular items are the Mojito Lip Balm, the Cannabis and Champagne candle, and the Blitzed in Capri shower steamers. And the No. 1 seller? The Rich B*tch Sh*t candle.


A model holding a candle

Owners and partners Julien and Jim combined their love for enjoyable self-care with their respective backgrounds in wellness products and business to create their sassy but classy line of handmade wares right here in St. Pete. It’s that entrepreneurial spirit, along with the success they’ve had at local markets, that led the pair to launch their digital marketplace and increase the production of their all-natural products.

Cocktail and cannabis inspired goods draw attention

While Julien has drawn repeat customers as a result of the quality of the products, it’s the creativity and aesthetics of their self-care goods that have made the company stand out in St. Pete. Everything Julien makes has a touch of their trademark personality and originality.

For instance, their hand sanitizer has become a fan favorite for unexpected reasons. While the pandemic ushered in a glut of sanitizers that smelled like straight ethanol, Julien turned the problem into a solution and created a sanitizer that fits perfectly with their post-work happy hour vibes. Their gin and tonic sanitizer spray, named London Sapphire, is made with a harmonious blend of witch hazel, grapefruit, juniper, fragonia and cassia. Spray it on, and enjoy your favorite afternoon cocktail.


Don’t sanitize for the job you have; sanitize for the happy hour you want.

A pair of lip balms made by Julien

Julien has also seen demand grow for their tattoo brightening balm, a creation inspired by both owners’ desire to keep their own tattoos bright and healthy.

“It’s so dry here in the winter,” Jim said, “and you spend so much money on your tattoos. Let’s keep them bright and moisturized so they look good.”

Pets deserve self-care, too

Of course, humans aren’t the only creatures in need of comfort. Two surprise sensations for Julien have been crafted for their four-legged friends. Their Bark Bubbles dog soap is made to help dogs relieve itching from sensitive skin and carries a dog-treat-inspired scent of ginger cookies. The all-natural soap contains olive and coconut oil and comes in a package of five cute, paw-shaped soaps.

And far be it for Julien to keep indulgence to only humans and their dogs. Their catnip-infused Purrrfect Balls – “for the bespoke feline” – have become a favorite toy for owners to give their cats.

A dog and Julien's dog soap

Julien is a labor of love, meant to spread love

As a company, Julien got its start when the owners made their first candle, the Cannabis et Champagne candle. While the vision for the entire company had not yet taken root, that first product was the perfect starting point for a line based on after-work enjoyment.

It was Julien himself, the namesake of the company, who had operated in wellness for years, having taught yoga, worked for Tiffany and Co. and run his own company. With inspiration from his partner (and the businessman of the company), Julien set out to use his experience to craft goods that would make other people happy.

“I like gifts, but I also like wellness and all these different things,” Julien explained. “So I melted all my hobbies into one thing. The inspiration behind this was wanting to create what I love.

“We try to live our best lives, so we want all of our customers to live their best lives, too,” he continued. “That’s what our company is all about.”

Learn more about Julien and see their natural, handcrafted products at

This article was produced in partnership with Julien.


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