Jewelry Line Gains Inspiration from Sunshine City

The FIRST tenant of St. Pete's Sundial, Diamonds Direct, has added a new kind of shine to the Sunshine City. In honor of their opening and due to their elation of moving into the heart of the Burg, Diamonds Direct is giving I Love the Burg readers a chance to win the first commemorative designer Sundial Watch (enter below) and offering visitors of their new location the chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree. 

Locally owned since 1984, the watch is just a taste of the commitment the family owned jeweler is making to downtown St. Pete. The store is planning a commemorative Sundial coin and is currently carrying an exclusive St. Peter "hook" bracelet. Since moving to Sundial, Diamonds Direct has expanded their collection to include items ranging from $20 to $250,000.

A visit to their showroom may also blow your mind. Many of their rarest items, including a 58-carat black diamond are submerged in saltwater aquariums while their high-tech "grower" allows customers to be directly involved in the creation of custom pieces, including "printing" a sample to try on for size. 

Visitors to Diamonds Direct's new location can enter to win a $5,000 Shopping Spree. CEO and designer Gary Sanchez says $5,000 can buy you a designer fashion watch for every day of the week, or up to 20 items of fashion jewelry while still having enought to catch a movie at Muvico. 

Items from left to right: Michael Kors $225; Philip Stein $475; Philip Stein $770; Gucci $1,125; Michael Kors $250; Michael Kors $250; Versace $1,895. Total = $4,990

Want to go high-fashion with your spree? You could snag over a dozen bands, chains and rings and still not exhaust the $5k. Necklaces from Charles Krypell, studded bangles from Charles Garnier, a necklace by Gary and David and rings by Elizabeth and James and the beloved Pandora bracelets are behind the glass of Diamonds Direct.

For your chance to win this extraordinary $5,000 shopping spree, head down to Diamonds Direct at 117 2nd Ave N. in the brand new Sundial shopping center. You can ONLY enter in person at their Sundial store so get out and welcome St. Pete's locally-owned family jeweler to the neighborhood.

Want a Sundial watch? All you have to do is answer the simple trivia question below and you'll be entered to win. Winner will be selected Tuesday, June 24.

"The Country of _______ hosts the 2014 World Cup."


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Written by Andrew Harlan

Andrew Harlan

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