After 22 South Food Hall closes, Irie Mon launches fundraiser to open brick-and-mortar

After 22 South Food Hall closes, Irie Mon launches fundraiser to open brick-and-mortar

Irie Mon, a celebrated Jamaican concept that was a part of 22 South Food Hall, has launched a fundraiser to open a brick and mortar concept in St. Petersburg.

“We are truly grateful for the wonderful leadership/staff/ and our other Restaurant members (Betterway BBQ & Shokkan Sushi). We have learned a lot on this journey and we are ready for our next chapter,” wrote the Jamaican grill owners in a Facebook message.

jerk chicken over a plate of rice

Irie Mon looks to grow in St. Petersburg

22 South Food Hall was always meant to serve as an incubator for budding restaurateurs, while the shift happened faster than Irie Mon expected, they’re ready to grow.

“When we began at the food hall it was always intended on being a temporary home for us, where we could gain knowledge and the tools needed to move into our own space. We are still aiming for that and although the path will not be as we imagined we are determined more than ever to see this to fruition.”

The owners have a fundraising goal of $30,000. Those interested in donating can visit the GoFundMe Page. Let’s hope the owners find a new space soon. Irie Mon’s Jerk Chicken was phenomenal.

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