Hidden gems: Japanese-style sake bar debuts new lunch in St. Pete

Hidden gems: Japanese-style sake bar debuts new lunch in St. Pete

Lunch and the lunch menu at In Between Days

St. Pete’s underground-favorite sake bar and listening lounge is making yet another splash in the Warehouse Arts District. In Between Days, located at 2340 1st Avenue South, has debuted a new weekend lunch service – Café Liner Notes.

The daytime bites and drinks are a first for the celebrated lounge, which had previously only been open at night, and Café Liner Notes is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 am – 2 pm every weekend. The rotating prix fixe menu is meant to be reminiscent of European cafes, featuring a wine pairing (or NA house beverage), along with options for dessert and tea.

While the menu rotates monthly, it comes with all the flavor and creativity that In Between Days regulars have come to expect and love, offering one meat option and one vegetarian option for diners to choose from. For the January opening, Café Liner Notes offered a choice between the savory Steak Banh Xeo or the highly-brunchable Tortilla Remolacha, a classic Spanish-style omelette. Each is served alongside a tomato and cucumber sunomono with tangy amazu dressing.

The description alone for the Steak Banh Xeo (let alone the picture) is enough to make the mouth water, as it is a savory Vietnamese pancake made with rice and tapioca flower, steak, beansprouts, Thai basil, mint, turmeric, and spices, rolled in rice paper and served with a side of house-made chili oil. YUM.

This month’s dessert option is a blueberry-cardamon scone with house-made vanilla cream fraîche, served with hot jasmine tea. Records will be playing throughout the lunch service, a staple of any In Between Days experience.

In Between Days is a favorite for intimate evenings

The interior of In Between Days

Each dish comes with a suggested white or red wine pairing, and last week’s NA drink was a house-made lavender lemonade. And of course, great music from the record player fills the indoor space with sound and good vibes. Of note, the sake list is not available at lunch. In addition to the lunch service, In Between Days opens from 5-10 pm every Wednesday-Saturday.

Housed inside a converted home, In Between Days is inspired by the underground listening bars of Tokyo, offering a wide range of chilled sake and cocktails, groovy music, intimate lighting from oil lanterns, crafted small plates, and oysters served in the classic French style. As the bar likes to say, “it’s not Tokyo, but it’s close…”

More from In Between Days on their new lunch offering: “Welcome to Café Liner Notes, our lunch service at In Between Days. Inspired by the small European pre-fixe cafes of Barcelona, Paris, and beyond. Our cafe serves two plates per day, one meat and the other vegetarian. Each dish comes with a glass of wine (white or red) or a N/A house beverage. The record player is spinning jazz. Natural light pours in through the windows. Add a dessert and a small cup of tea and voilà, you are in Europe. The menu changes frequently, so come often.”

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