Imagine Blackness exhibition, now on display, showcases A.I.-driven Afro-Futuristic art

Imagine Blackness exhibition, now on display, showcases A.I.-driven Afro-Futuristic art

An AI-generated image from Imagine Blackness
Photo via Creative Pinellas/ Freeman, Hordge-Freeman

A new exhibition at Creative Pinellas is bringing wild visions of futurism to the area. ‘Imagine Blackness’ opened to the public on January 19, a collaborative exploration of Blackness and Black representation, inviting guests to visit new worlds and alternate futures. This Saturday, Creative Pinellas is hosting the opening reception, which is free to attend and will feature an artist talk discussing the brilliant gallery.

The inventive exhibition has been created through artificial intelligence by artist McArthur Freeman II and sociologist Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman, whose inspiration came from Black speculative fiction and Afro-Futurism.


“From a botanical paradise laden with richly hued figures to an otherworldly futuristic sci-fi cosmos, this exhibition invites viewers to engage in the act of collective dreaming as a social intervention, which moves beyond the reality of the present world to (re)-imagine and discover new ways of seeing and being,” Creative Pinellas says.

Beyond the journey into the meaning of Blackness, the exhibition provides viewers with real-life opportunities to question the future, spark inspiration, and find escape by means of their own minds as they imagine the future and alternate worlds.

The Gallery at Creative Pinellas is located at 12211 Walsingham Road in Largo, and Imagine Blackness will be on display from January 19 – February 26. The Gallery has planned an opening reception and artist talk on January 28 from 2-4 pm, which is free to attend, though RSVPs are recommended.

“This upcoming exhibition serves as an intersection between AI technology and Black speculative storytelling,” Freeman explained, “an opportunity to reimagine narratives of Blackness at a moment when both Black representation and the potential of AI are in full view. I’m thrilled to explore, reimagine, and share this work, as these conversations are continuing to evolve!”

Learn more and RSVP for the opening reception at

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